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  1. Solved (via call to VSS). I did reset prefs, which did not fix problem. However if I disable the two docking options, the palettes do appear, but grayed out. With a VW restart, they stay and I can then dock them as needed. Thank you.
  2. To clarify: Snapping & Attributes are the only 2 palettes that I cannot see, and I am using VW straight out of the box with the standard Architect workspace.
  3. Just restarted and re-opened VW 2016, with no luck. I can see all the other palettes just fine, docked on the sides of the window...
  4. Just installed VW 2016 and not that I cannot find/see these two palettes, even though they are checked in the Window drop down menu. Undocked all palettes and moved window about in case they were hiding but no luck. Tried quitting several times and still the same view. Odd. Any suggestions from the ether?
  5. Problem solved! It was a OS issue and we created a new login for me to our NAS (sound of patting myself on back...)
  6. Update- Uninstalled and reinstalled VW 2014 which did not fix problem.
  7. VW 2014, MacBook Pro, OS 10.10.1. Tech Support is aware of this but I am interested in the VW community's thoughts as well. My version has stopped creating lockfiles and I think it is a preferences problem. I am able to open files on our server when those files are open on another station- and vice versa. We have ran tests on all four of our Macs, and have isolated the problem to my Mac. I note that I can also see open files in finder preview. I reset my preferences which did not fix the problem. This is annoying at best and dangerous at worst for us, so any ideas would be appreciated...
  8. Is there an easy way to move the ID tags for windows a fixed dimension away from the object, without, say, snapping to a line? I have many windows in the exterior wall of a new building and the bottom of the tags overlap the window a bit. Thanks
  9. I just gotta know... why does the stair object not take on the class color it is assigned to? No matter what we do it still is black, even though it shows the class color in the attribute pallet. Any ideas?
  10. No- only 2013. Takes up too much space..
  11. Since we upgrade each year, I'd be hard pressed to remember, but it was within the past 4 years...
  12. That seems to only control the line type of the overhear door extension. What I am looking for is a way to reduce the depth of the dashed extension- while a section door would extend a the full door height when open, a coiling door would have a much smaller rectangle above...
  13. I recall there used to be an option for overhead door PIO's where you could set it to either sectional or coiling, which effects the extent of the dashed lines overhead. Is this still around? Thank you.
  14. It seems that the space has a default of rounding net/gross areas to three decimals. Is there a way to change this- say rounding to 0 decimal places?
  15. It seems that the space has a default of rounding net/gross areas to three decimals. Is there a way to change this- say rounding to 0 decimal places?
  16. I tried to batch print several sheets today, in VW 2013 SP1, and find that the batch print dialog box will not go away. Now, the prints are successfully sent out, and the little box saying they went successfully sent appears, but VW locks up completely after. None of the 'ok' or 'close' buttons work and I need to force quit VW. Any suggestions?
  17. We are in 2012, and that Space Name file works great. Thanks! Where did you get the criteria from?
  18. MK- your other post is quite interesting, but it is not working for me with a space. What I am trying to do is indicate all the spaces in my file and show the names, or custom names, of the rooms. I can get the SF to show, but not the name. When I try I am getting all sorts of numbers that look like space PIO data...
  19. I have a simple worksheet with a database header that is recording all the spaces I have in a file. What I want to do is have the space names show up in one column, but I cannot figure out the function/criteria in that column's DB header. Any suggestions?
  20. The space objects are visible with this suggestion (check the 'show 3D' box), but the symbol they use will not work. I have to rebuild the tag symbol.
  21. Hi- We have just upgraded to 2012 from 2011 and notice a disturbing issue with spaces in the old files. Simply put, they vanish when upgraded/opened in 2012. When I try to recreate spaces with the convert to space tool, our space tag symbols do not work. Could be a big issue with multiple rooms, so any advice would be appreciated.
  22. We have begun a project where we will be the design consultant to a architect of record firm that uses Revit, and we use VW 2011. We have played a bit with exporting our simple VW BIM test file to see how it imports into their system, and the results so far have not gone well. The Revit firm is planning to redraw our designs, but we want to exhaust all export/import possibilities to save them some time. Are there any tips anyone can provide us with?
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