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  1. Beware of using VW output for precision CNC use. Look through the archives and see the probelms I had in the past on an output issue. VW is for drawing 'pretty' pictures and cannot be trusted for machinery output files wanting any precision. Maybe things have changed since v12.5 but I still think that even in VW2008 some of the problems still carried over. Try creating a simple bullnose with the fillet tool and you see that you will have to change the fillet size to smaller than 1/2 of the bullnose size in order for it to work. Look up the archives and se where we scrapped $5K of machine parts due to the output from VW. We only use it now for the most rudimentary of tasks. Can the newer versions even dimension in 3D yet?? Past fool time user... Tom in PA
  2. I am running a demo version of VW2008 and I am seeing differences in the final printing output bewteen the same file printed from 12.5.3 and VW2008. The font we are using is Marker Fine Point which we have used with 12.5 for years. When printing with VW2008 the final print output is faint and sometimes barely legible. I just did back to back prints and it's definitely a software issue unless there is something in VW2008 that needs to done differently, which I can't imagine. Is this just me?? Now I have a dilema in that the drawings I just did in VX2008 cannot be opened in 12.5 and I need to print them for submittals. Is this an issue with VW2008 or has it carried over to VW2009?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  3. Thanks Mike, It's amazing that it's taken up to VW2009 to resolve this issue. Whats even more amazing is NNA's lack of interest and response to all the queries about this issue. Well, I guess we have to go to VW2009 as I don't even know if 2008 is even available anymore. Thanks for the help, Tom
  4. I asked this question when VW2008 came out and I was assured that this isssue was fixed from 12.5. The issue is using the Offset command on a composed object that contains arcs. I have a very simple circular segment composed of two ars and two lines. I composed the object when designing and then had to offset the perimeter inward 1.5". The resultant inner shape, when decomposed, is made up of small straight line segments and not an arc. This type of behaviour causes major problems on our CNC output files and was the major reason we never upgraded from 12.5. I am using a demo version along with the interiorcad demo to evaluate interiorcad and low and behold this issue was never addressed or even fixed. Am I the only to complain about this issue?? This is the very subject that Katie and I had a go round on a year or so. Is this issue currently fixed in VW2009 as this is the upgrade we would be going to with interiorcad?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  5. Hans, Thanks for the info. You are correct in your thinking about Enroute being able to import WoodWOP-VARIANT(.mpr) file types. I have always seen this in the import listing but never paid attention to it. This may be the answer I was looking for as we are eager to use interiorcad. I will check with the Enroute guru's about the file importation using .mpr files. I will contact Sven after I do a little more research. Thanks again for the help,
  6. Hans, Thanks for the reply. We are currently designing in Vectorworks 12.5.3 and exporting dxf files to our toolpathing software, Enroute 4. Enroute then produces the G-code text files that we upload to a PC at the machine. Utilizing DNC software, the files are then loaded into the machine controller for processing. This is a very common practice here in the US. The other question remaining is...'is interiorcad able to export the dxf data that it produces so that we can process it normally as stated above'...?? If it does then we could forego the VectorWOP CAM module and use our existing software for toolpathing. This would be the ideal situation as we wanting to use interiorcad's parametric design features to streamline our material processing. Thanks again,
  7. Does anyone know if the older issues of offsetting composed objects has been corrected as of yet in VW2008 or VW2009?? The specific issue is when lines and arcs are composed and then offset using the offset tool and the resultant shape is broken up into various line segments and arcs. We are contemplating upgrading to VW Architect but are hesitant because of some the older lingering issues still out there, this being one of them which sparked a lot of heated discussion. Thanks, Tom VW12.5.3 WinXP SP3
  8. Not to worry. I will NEVER post another comment to this forum, nor recommend use of VW to anyone after this fiasco. As far as our use of the product after this expensive incident, which BTW cost me $5K to learn of this problem, we will be limiting its use to drawing 'pretty' pictures, no more. 'Attacks..........stabs..", give me a break. Most of the forum members are business professionals trying to use the product in their everyday business scenarios. Problems such as this only cost us money, out of our pocket, not yours. Over and out..........for good!
  9. Katie, If I have offended anyones ego, I sincerely apologize. What are you refering to as 'blatant comments and/or accusations in my post? I simply stated the fact that I cannot get a simple answer to a simple question, does it work or not? Surely it would only take less than a minute to verify using the example in my first of this thread. Regards,
  10. Check out my latest postings on Offset Issues and you will find, as I have, that this is still an issue even with VW2008. You will notice that I even asked the question of Katie directly about it working correctly in VW2008 and you don't get any answer, just a 'check with Tech Support' reply. You would think as the Lead Trainer at NNA she would just verify it and answer. I wonder how she answers the question when it comes up at a training session. To answer your question, anyone running VW has this issue. Good Luck,
  11. Katie, According the the first reply to my post above VW2008 still did not correct the issue. Can you verify is that is so? Doesn't Tech Support monitor the problems that this board brings to the forefront??
  12. Anyone from NNA want to chime in on this issue??? Or is it a sensitive topic..?
  13. It's amazing to me that such a simple tool is rendered unusable in a program of this caliber. I cannot afford to have someone work with this issue having to rely on his/her memory each time they use the tool. That is just plain ludicrous! To some of the users it's just lines on paper, to me it becomes $$$$ in the trash bucket. I sure hope someone resolves this and other issues soon. Tom in PA WinXP Pro, VW11.5.2..
  14. Katie, Yes, it's dual head card supporting both. Screen resolution has been played with and seems to make no difference. I am running one (1) 22" wide screen and I have to keep the resolution in a small area to keep screen items in proportion. Monitor refresh is set to 60hz. This has been set to 75 with no change. The FX3000 driver is set currently at We updated it a few weeks ago and rolled it back due to some other issues. The system was running with the older nVidia FX500/600 dual head card for years and the problems arose after VW11.5. Hope any of this helps.......... Thanks
  15. Pete, I have had my desktop manager disabled for quite awhile now and I still get flickering and the slow fill-in of the OIP. Don't know if it was worse when I had it on but I'll give it a shot and check it out. I have the same video card that I was using in 11.5 which exhibited none of these problems. I'll play around a little, Thanks,
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