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Seating bounding box

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The vast majority of the time when i create a seating section, and then edit the section later, the bounding box is some how transposed from the drawn seating section. Its mostly an annoyance, but functionally it seems that if I type anything into the Object pallet the value is reflected on the seats in the perspective of the now misplaced bounding box. Making things such as setting angles very difficult, and basically a guessing game.


Anyone else seeing this?


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As Wesley said, I hardly ever use the seating tool. I find it too time consuming to get exactly what I want. I can quickly get something that may be really close, but seldom something I would want to present to a fire marshal.  It’s just not that difficult to direct model the exact seating one needs. Duplicate Array, Copy / Paste the Mirror Tool and Working Planes are your friends. 

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@DCapp @scottmoore @Wesley BurrowsThis may assist, its a Marionette file that fits seating symbols to a poly line shape. You can explode it after you get what you want and the seats will stay.

Right click and change the polyline shape or paste a new one in and delete the other one.

Change the symbol name to get different seats.

May assist??



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