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zooming and panning using 3 button mouse

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how can i setup vectorworks 11 on mac osx to emulate autocads zooming and panning method with the mouse wheel.

i.e. zoom in and out with the wheel and pan by holding the wheel down and dragging.

is there a way that the mouse wheel moving could trigger the interactive zoom mode rather than the zooming by increments.

if there is no easy way to do this is there a script out there that could do it? could this type of functionality be scripted?

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If your mouse is programmable, you can go into the preferences dialogue and set the key commands that are equivalent to the interactive zoom mode. Ditto for the pan mode.

I use a Microsoft mouse and can make program preference settings specific to VectorWorks.

If you are on the Mac, by the way, this won't work if you are using OS X, 10.3.x (Panther).

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I've been using ACad a little recently, and (like many things ACad) I find it's zoom and pan inefficient.

90% of the drafting I do is done with Keyboard commands and my left hand rarely leaves the bottom left of the keyboard. Consequently, I don't "notice" using modifier keys for zooming and panning anymore than I notice using the clutch to change gears in the car. After a little practice your body "does it by itself"

You might consider using modifier keys "inefficient" if your left hand was needed to do something in the middle of panning or zooming, but offhand, I can't think what that might be.

I for one, would be dissappointed if the current arrangement was taken away.

just my 2c


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I was looking at a program called Concepts Unlimited. This program has the ability to choose what happens when you scroll the mouse wheel. I think that when he clicked the wheel button the he got access to the pan function.

I would be in favour of giving users the ability to control these functions. I don't think there is any wrong, but it would be better if we could make changes to suit the way we wanted to work.

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Quite happy for NNA to give you guys the option of keeping two-handed pan/zoom, if that's what you are used to.

Propstuff...you DO need your other hand in the middle of pan/zoom...try using ALT to copy, while also using it to zoom...or not to accidentally copy, when you just wanted to zoom...and so on.

As for using the mouse wheel to scroll...I never do...it's very jerky. Arrow keys are great though...if only AutoCAD had them....!!

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