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  1. I am working on some models for solar farms. I have built a DTM of the site and the 3D solar panels. when I select send to surface from the terrain menu to panels float to the surface BUT they are still Always Vertical. I want them to be Perpendicular to the ground How do I get them to be perpendicular to a surface ? ... for example if I wanted to send a 3D model of a car to the surface the send to surface command would have some of the wheels in the ground and others floating if the DTM was sloping please help
  2. I have had to go back to using VW12.5 because 2011 is just too slow when i make any changes to massing models ..... example, select 'use custom roof from profile' and start editing the gable ends I end up waiting 30 - 60 seconds before anything happens and then exit the editing and the same happens .... and with over 300 the modify its easier to build them from scratch ...... awful, just lost over 2 days productivity !
  3. Hi I had the same problem a while back (and it sometimes reappears) but all I do is verify and repair permissions using disk utility and all is well again .... so when I see blank icons I usually take it as a sign that permissions need attention
  4. Hi I just got an invite in the post for 'an evening with Nemetschek' on a boat on the Thames .... one of the things in the blerb it says you can hear how well Vectorworks works on the new Intel Mac .... well hey I dont want to hear how well it works I want to use it !!!
  5. Hi Travis thanks for that .... I had figured that out but it seemed a bit long winded so I have created a new menu in the workspace editor on put 'units' and 'active layer scale' in it I must update to VW12.0.1 cheers Klaus
  6. Hi this may be a daft question but how do I change the layer scale in VW 12 also I do I get the Vectorworks help to work ! ... when I go to the help menu I get Safary up but none of the items I click on go anywhere cheers Klaus OS X 10.4.5 VW 12
  7. Hi Robert I sent you an email and you haven't bothered to reply ....... I have also left a message on your voice mail and again you haven't bothered to reply It was CU in the UK I contacted (Sarah Black) and she was the one that told me that you have only supplied 30 FREE upgrdes to the UK so far .... again why do I have to wait for my upgrade when people who purchase their VW12 upgrade get it soooo much quicker ...... had I known I would not have bothered with VW11.5, but you won't tell us when you plan to upgrade, so here I am a second class user because of the time I decided to upgrade Obviously I have got an issue you either can't or won't address
  8. My distributer is in the UK ..... I just called Nemetschek UK and they say I should get it in the next couple of weeks ..... apparently I am near the top of the list ..... watch this space ! they say they have only got 30 sets of free upgrades since they started shipping them early this month ...... they must have ever such a slow factory producing these ..... I think I could get more than 30 sets of manuals printed on my little printer and more than 30 sets of CDs copied in a day on my imac, still its worth waiting for such a quality product
  9. I bought VW 11.5 in October 2005 ..... as I ordered it at that time I was told I would get a free upgrade to VW12 ..... I am still waiting I spoke to my reseller and he is so embarrassed but says its Nemetschek dragging their feet, he says all the paid for upgrades have been shiped but is still waiting for the free upgrades ..... don't treat me like a second class user just because I picked that time to buy my upgrade i have been a user since MiniCad 5 ..... but am now getting a bit cheesed off waiting ..... sort yourself out Nemetschek !
  10. Hi Brunello fantastic .... it works ! I just got a new mac and used the migration assistant when I got it out of the box .... it coppied everything over but the dongle light was not on and VW could not see the dongle ... dut did what brunello suggested and hey presto it works
  11. cant seem to find a plugin for VW12 on the Abvent site .... has anyone come across one yet ? Klaus
  12. Hi Christian I would recomend CAD School, they are based in Winchester, Hampshire see the web site www.cadschool.co.uk for contact details regards Klaus
  13. Technoflash - sounds like you have got a bit of a problem with your version of VW .... I have just tried to recreate your problem and can't .... also I have never come accross anything similar regards Klaus
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