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  1. Hi all, We are on Vectorworks Architect 2012 on the Mac and wondering if there are any issues with anyone on the recently released SP-3? Thanks!
  2. A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! TIMESAVER DELUXE!!! Thank you so much for not only the quick reply but also the fabulous humor.
  3. Hi all, When we first considered upgrading to VWA 2009, one of the selling points at a Nemetschek presentation was the drag and drop feature with files being brought into VWA. With PDFs, if they were of a drawing that was originally created in a CAD program, you could import the PDF and then convert its contents into line drawings (text, not so much). Can someone walk me through how this is done, please? I can't find this feature in the help menu. Thanks!
  4. thanks everyone for the quick and informative discussion. desperately, through trial and error, we found that billtheia was alluding to in the annotation viewport settings. Somehow, when we updated to SP5 back in December, some of our settings changed without our realizing. For everyone else who may find this issue as well, when you double-click on the viewport and select edit viewport annotation, click and check the radio button that says "Display Viewport Cache". That brought it back for us!
  5. Just recently (even prior to SP5 update), we began to notice that our exterior elevations within viewports were rendering fine, but when we went to add annotations or refine the elevations by drawing, the model would no longer render in hidden line mode. So now, we see all of the lines (wireframe) throughout. What could have changed? Is this a bug? We've tried opening various files on different computers and are now discovering that this is a global issue. Can someone please suggest a fix, or how we can correct a render setting? Thanks!
  6. Hey, this is great news to hear. But I've got a higher level question that I can't seem to readily find on the BB. A. When exporting to DWG for say, use by consultants for backgrounds, what is the best practices method, steps and settings to give them good clean drawings? (We've had reasonable success, albeit through trial and error, with plans only. We have used eDrawings to preview, but it is not reliable as it would be to open in AutoCAD, which we don't have. I will be trying TrueView using Parallels running Windows XP next.) B. As we have gotten into the habit of building our models in 3D to generate elevations and sections, etc., what is the process to export 2D elevations to DWG format in hidden line format, so that it essentially matches our WYSIWYG view in out viewports. Again, step-by-step instructions would be GREATELY APPRECIATED. I only have so much stress-related hair to pull out, and my designers are too young to go bald. If there is an existing thread that I've missed, please provide the link and we can take it from there. We are transitioning from VWA 2008 to 2009. Thank you!
  7. We set up our drawings with viewports on sheets to show floor plans and exterior elevations. We are able to have the plans render in "careful sketch" to our liking, but we can't seem to apply the same rendering attribute to the exterior elevations. What are we missing? Thanks!
  8. We've just upgraded to VWA 2009 (Mac) and are getting familiar with the great new stuff, but as always, missing where some of the tried and true old stuff has gone. How do we get back the dotted lines to the locus? And how do we create non-printing construction lines and interact with them? Thanks all!
  9. The version number shows up properly for me on the Intel iMac, but says 12.5.2 until you repair permissions. So far, all is GOOD! I can actually think about using it in our work environment. I'll test it out over the weekend on some simple projects to make sure. Thank you NNA and all involved for doing the right thing, and continuing to support your base.
  10. I feel your pain and agree with the gist of your sentiments, Kerry. NNA has been very good to us and our 3 licenses in the past, including discounted software upgrades at local trade shows, and because we have been LOYAL customers over the years. I trust that they will do the right thing. That said, I would agree that not every upgrade is necessary, and the decision is ours to make, and not to be forced upon us. In fact, our situation is that an upgrade to our OS is on $199 (family pack) vs. nearly $1,500 for the 3 licenses we have of VWA 12.5.2. That too, is a big difference. And it is true, the new OS 10.5 (Leopard) does make it feel like we have new Macs, and would increase our productivity and enjoyment of use in a work environment. I definitely relish the time I use my computers at home, which have Leopard. Alas, I can't bring that upgrade into the office environment as VWA will not work properly. End result: no upgrades to Leopard OR VWA 2008. Hmm. There's a silver lining here: A savings of over $1,700! Let's keep hope alive.
  11. I did a brief and fruitless test on one of my laptops running Leopard. The killer to using VWA with Leopard is that the cross hairs for the cursor are no longer visible, and when you draw ANY object, you have no visual cues to what you are drawing. For example, if you draw a single rectangle, circle, polygon or line, all you see are line bits or dots during the click and drag or point-to-point. The object you've drawn wont' be seen until you release the mouse/complete the drawing action. This, effectively, kills the ability to use VWA for even the most basic of drawing under Leopard. It appears to be some sort of incompatibility with the drawing engine, perhaps QuickDraw, or the like. I sincerely hope that a fix can be developed as we don't see our office making an investment in VWA 2008 anytime soon, but the move to Leopard would be welcome with many of its productivity enhancements.
  12. I would echo Bob at GDA's last request. It may be sometime before I upgrade to VW 2008 (uh, if it ain't broke, don't fix, plus I would like to see how all this new spiffy Mac software coming out plays with each other). In the meantime, I have ordered Leopard and would like to know about VWA 12.5.2. Thanks!
  13. What happens with the VWA 12.5.2 file opened in VWA 2008? Is it converted to a new format for 2008? If you work on that file, and decide to revert to VWA 12, can I save it back to 12.5.2 without the loss of work? Thanks in advance for your reponses.
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