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  1. Include this line of code in your script and it will enable the font menu. SetObjectVariableBoolean(gObjHd, 800, TRUE); where gObjHd is the handle to the PIO. Patrick
  2. New objects are created in the active class. A group is a container object. Making a group is making a new object, so it will (and should) be assigned to the active class. HTH Patrick
  3. What you are describing sounds like a PIO. Why not make it a custom object? You can have it regen (or run the creation code) when it is move, resized or rotated. If you place parameters in the OIP you can then make it totally flexible. Patrick
  4. Sounds like a interesting script. How does it differ from just using the split tool? Part of a larger script? Using built in tools in the way you describe is not easy. The selection state of object can change and the list of objects shrinks and grows as you modify the list. I have ended up in infinite loops using this method. I would walk through it in a very methodical way to be sure you are not trapping yourself. Patrick
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    Well, changing the visibility of layers and classes with the script in a View seams conflicted and redundant, however, you could do it if you want. A more useful task for this would be to change the attributes of a class. For example, objects using the class attributes for a class set to a solid red line can be changed to a dashed green line. You may also want to reorder the stacking of your layers. If you are familiar with VS then try putting in a script that changes a classes' attribute in there and then build from there... Patrick
  6. the VRam for a video card is where it stores each pixels value. 32M is more than enough for a full color 19 monitor. Having more VRAM allows games to store frames within the card for faster frame rates during animation. I do not think VW uses this technology and so I would say you are not going to notice any different between the 2 cards when using VW. The other part of this is the speed of the processor on the card. If you can get one that has a faster processor then you will notice an improvement. HTH Patrick
  7. Are you familliar with VectorScript? It a doable thing from there. I can give you a hand with it if I can get a more clear idea of exactly what it needs to do. Can you send me a file off list that kinda outlines what you need. Maybe an example that is done by hand so I can just copy the process? In short, colors are stored as 3 numbers or a color pallet index number. the 3 number system is RBG 0 to 255 for each one. The pallet index is one number from 0 to 255. I could generate a worksheet with the numbers for each class in it along with the name. I suppose it also could look at symbols but how does assigning a color to a symbol affect its appearance. Guess that is where I am getting confused. Anyway, more words will dispell confusion... Feel free to send me your idea off list Patrick patman@cybermesa.com
  8. Yea, that works. If it is a survey I will draw a line over a long boundry and get the length. Then use the scale objects command and put in for the scale factor the length it should be divided by the length it is. Patrick
  9. You can create a schedule of any object that has a record attached or is a PIO (tool). Are you familiar with the database features of worksheets? Patrick
  10. Are you looking for a text file or worksheet listing all the colors you have assigned to each class? Patrick
  11. Check your font mapping. You may have it mapped to something odd. You can fix all your text by turning all layers and classes on and do a custom selection for text. Then change the font of them all at once. Patrick
  12. patman


    It will render only one layer at a time. So you'll have to use Peters suggestion to get it all on one layer. Patrick
  13. I just select the bitmap and drag the handles at the corner or edge. Is this not working for you? Patrick
  14. 1. Open one of the scripts you like. 2. Copy the text of the script into the clip board: select all and command+c 3. Goto Organize > Scripts > VectorScript Plug-in Editor. 4. Click on the New button. 5. Select Command. 6. Give it a name and hit ok 7. Click on the Script button. 8. Paste in your code. 9. Click the compile button to be sure it works 10. Exit the VS Editor 11. Exit that dialog. 12. Goto the Workspace Editor and add your new menu command to your workspace. 13. Give it a keyboard short cut. 14. Exit the Workspace Editor. There you go. Now you can use your script as if it was built in. Repeat as necessary. HTH Patrick
  15. Use the Object Info Pallet Patrick
  16. My keyboard has a scroll wheel and and option key right next to each other. So it is a one handed operation for me...to zoom. Patrick
  17. Are you printing a sheet layer with a Viewport? I too have had this happen. I can help of you give me more data... Plotter? Computer? OS? VW version? Patrick
  18. I think I already have. I'll do it again just to be sure. Patrick
  19. These scripts seam to work fine. What is the problem? Patrick
  20. Hi Bruce, I have a tool that might work for you. It was written specifically for parapet walls but you can use it for brick coping and canales (scuppers). It is a fancy extrude along path tool with a lot more control that the VW version. Contact me off list if your interested... Patrick patman@cybermesa.com
  21. For a Mac you need to use the Option Key, not the Control Key for zooming with the scroll wheel. (Now we all know what Katie is using!! : ) Patrick
  22. That is a longstanding bug. I too hope for a fix of that someday... Patrick
  23. Hi, I have written an ungroup command that has no dialog. I need to test it to be sure it is working correctly in all cases. If you would not mind being a beta tester for it then please contact me directly and I'll set you up. Thanks! Patrick Higgins patman@cybermesa.com
  24. Hi Kevin, dara, I have been working hard with their quality assurance dept. to provide them with useful info. As a long time user, I helped them isolate the slow OIP bug. NNA is now aware and able to reproduce the problem. Given that I expect they will work to fix it. Most bug complaints are not filed with enough data to accurately diagnose or reproduce the problem which is essential to locating the real problem. Of course apple wants you to believe the G5 is all that. But the reality is simple. It is a 64bit processor running 32bit apps. So the speed gains you'd expect from the increased buss bandwidth will not be realized until the apps are updated. So the majority of the gains your gonna see is found in the ratio of clock speeds. A friend moved from a G4/400 to a G5/1.8DP and has seen a ~5x increase in rendering speed and other heavy processor related tasks. That to me is great. But we are, after all, human. That perceived speed improvement seams to ware off within a week or so... I settled for a processor upgrade and will hold out for the 3Ghz DP. And wait for everything else to catch up. Patrick


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