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I have complete control over the hatch scale but neither hatch control tool or attribute control box does anything to hatches in structural shapes, scaling the drawing doesnt change either.  Is there a solution to this without "exploding" the parametric object?

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There are several different ways to put in "structural shapes" exactly which tool and which options are you using to create these objects.


It is likely the the are set to us a Pattern rather than a Hatch. Patterns are always to screen scale and alignment.

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I use "Detailing" with parametric structural shapes (W, I, Tubes etc), than I assign a specific "hatch" not screen pattern, in this case the standard double line for steel and triple for aluminum.  These hatches are totally controllable in polygons double lines walls etc but not in the structural shapes.

attached is MC channel, on the left it is exploded (CMD K - polyline), the same thing unexploded on the right, both set to the same hatch and set to the same size via attribute dialog box.

Untitled 2.png

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On 13/04/2018 at 11:27 PM, TKA said:

These hatches are totally controllable in polygons double lines walls etc but not in the structural shapes.



I agree. There's something very odd with this. BUG or WAI?


Failsafe way to make the comparison (and to display the BUG/WAI) is to have (like you have shown above) a channel and a polyline derivative. If you highlight both and apply a texture they will (individually) show they have the texture in Attributes. For this 'experiment' I have modified the standard Metal (CN) HF hatch to have a grey background - otherwise at this scale there is too much white and it makes it look like the right hand (the channel) one hasn't received the hatch.




Checking (individual) attributes confirms they have the texture. (but you can see that with the grey)


Now highlight both again and make a local mapping of the texture. This is where it shows problems - only the polyline accepts the local mapping.




Have a look at the Attributes though - it shows it has a local mapping. Something (WAI?) stops it displaying.



Now right click on the channel (the one on the right remember!!) and choose as shown..


5ad345d341a60_ScreenShot2018-04-15at13_21_16.thumb.png.dfd2cfeac67f8b33df02ba4d25b03b08.png         and then.......          5ad345df72ec0_ScreenShot2018-04-15at13_21_31.thumb.png.5669eec287c782d8cc01cf76d40a627a.png       


All is now 'fixed' - albeit the channel now has a 'true' hatch (not locally mapped) and is therefore happy to display it.


I can't think this is correct, but it would be good to hear from the boffins if this is BUG or WAI.


As a work around - you could apply the hatch to (say) any enclosing object drawn for the purpose and then locally map the hatch so it is an

acceptable size. Now use that to create the 'new' texture version for structural shapes. But I agree - You shouldn't have to!!!!


 Hope this helps.



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I agree with solutions listed above as I have been using them. The problem is that this should not be the case especially when having classes forced attributes, the whole point of the VW class forced attributes is to have it all happen automatically and so all (say steel) is represented in a similar manner in a design layer and then adjusted in viewport accordingly.  I believe based on the comments so far this is a bug which should be fixed.

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I am thinking the steel hatches are set up for detailing at say a design layer of 1:5 Metric or Imperial equivalent not for a design layer of 1:100.

So without changing the scale of the hatch it works automatically and looks correct at 1:5 Design Layer. If you create a 1:5 viewport both look correct no scaling and both by class. HTH

See Attached.



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thanks, that is most likely the best way handling it

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