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Roof plan - best practices

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Any recommended methods as how to produce a 2d roof plan showing the roofs, gutters, downspouts, chimneys etc?



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If your drawing your objects with 3D in mind you'll get your 2D automatically.  I always put my roof objects on a separate layer to start.  For objects like gutters, chimney caps, etc. you'll need to turn these into autohybrids to show solid.  Attached is a simple roof plan.  I generally do not show gutter and downspout locations.5ac369e559e38_ScreenHunter_75Apr_0308_47.thumb.jpg.153f2077de154398bba1ec781919ac1a.jpg

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   This question reminded me of one of my Wish List items to better communicate Roof above, ie. in addition to Invisible, Grey, & Solid a fourth visibility state for layers & classes Dashed Lines.

   At present we produce a copy of a Roof, convert it to lines (dashed) and place this on the Annotation Layer to indicate a Roof Above. To locate Down spout locations I have a symbol marked DS that's added, again on a Plan's Annotation Layer. With Elevations these generally have to  be drawn every time on an Elevation. On one project we did model some Downspouts, but that was a special case as it was an entry feature.

    The obvious problem is that every time there is a change, these things need to get picked up so having another visibility type would help.

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^^ I have trouble showing overlapping roof eaves, for example. I haven't figured a way to show the lower (hidden) roof automatically in dashed line. It's all correct in 3D.


^ On plan, I've managed to show above roofs with dash-dotted line by using a viewport class override for the roof class.

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If all of the lower roof is hidden then it would be relatively simple to use viewport class overrides to show the hidden roof with dashed lines. If only part of it is hidden then it gets more complicated to do using your 3D model only (i.e. Without annotations or other 2d lines). You could put the hidden portion on a different class and that portion just have the vp overide to a dashed line.

though that would mean splitting a roof object up which isn't ideal.


If you are reasonably confident the design is not going to change (much) then the simplest way, and the way I generally do it, is to use 2d lines to show hidden portions of roof. In fact I even have a standard class I use for exactly that purpose..


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The problem is exactly that only parts of the lower roofs are hidden. The only practical way I can think of currently is to 2D annotate in dashed line the hidden part, as you suggest.

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@JMRHI this video may assist in dealing with difficult roofs. I don't ever draw 2 roofs its 3d with a little touch up if needed.  


I will structure the Design layers in the viewport from the top down.




As Markvl says use auto hybrids for gutters and and extrude items.






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