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Teigha Library Error.

Flora 9088


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7 hours ago, Flora 9088 said:

it shows when i try to import a dwg in a blank file......why.....


Now that is an interesting error message, if it says the drawing is a DWG 2013 and you can only import up to version 2016 you should not get that message anyway.


So it seems there is an error in the error message. Is there a separate bug report category for such errors? :)


As @zoomermentioned, DWG 2013-2017 is the same DWG format and DWG 2018 is different. It could be that the DWG is a DWG 2018 file, which is also the most likely explanation.

You could ask the drawing provider to send you a DWG 2013 file, or get either DWG TrueView from Autodesk to do the conversion yourself or get the Teigha Viewer from ODA to convert the file to an earlier DWG version  https://www.opendesign.com/guestfiles/teigha_viewer


DWG TrueView is Windows only and the Teigha viewer is available for Mac, Linux and mobile platforms as well in addition to Windows.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The error message is wrong. This problem was fixed for VW2017 SP4, so more likely in this case used Vectorworks version is VW2016.


This error message would appear in case that DWG file version is newer than the one supported by current Vectorworks. In Vectorworks 2017 you will still be able to see the error message for DWG file version 2018, and it will be "This DWG version is a 2018 version. You can only import DWG up to version 2017.". In Vectorwork 2018 you should not see this error, as DWG version 2018 is already supported.


If you do not have other way to check the DWG file version, use a standard text editor to open the DWG file. If this is a DWG file version 2018,  the first thing on the first line should be AC1032.

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