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RM: Combine duplicate search results

Andy Broomell


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When looking at it first - clearly yes, show only one instance.


But now I think that is unrealistic.

Search finds the name and the tags but it could be a completely different

Material or version.

But pity in general to see all that redundant data over many many files and thinking

about the same image textures stored in each file again.

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This sort of brings me back to my wish list to have a replace function for resources (really should look up that wish and bump it) where you can replace all "duplicate symbols" with a single instance in one go from within the resource browser instead of the object info palette.

Then you can consolidate all resources of which you are sure they are identical (or supposed to be identical). I'm a bit hesitant to have VW do that for me without some additional checks and balances as resources may look the same the symbol settings (in case of symbols) may be different so I still would like to be in control of what VW does in this regards.

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Well, for Symbols, if the same thing comes in by DWG under 15 different names,

that is manually a bit tricky and quite error prone.


But I do the manual Material replacement every day.

It works similar to the deleting+reassigning Classes.

Delete such a standard VW "Glass Clear RT"Material and it will ask if you want to replace

that by another Material for effected Objects or Class Assignments,

I choose my "GLAS_KLAR" to replace it.


It is just that the new VW 2018 UI changes brought another 1-3 clicks more for such a task

or things like changing the Material Assignment of a Class.

(While I highly welcome that new "same Option Window for all kind of Settings" approach in general)



But having the ability to create a simple text file in my Workgroup Folder (Office Standard)

that says VW,

whenever someone or something throws in a Name A in my file,

(for Classes, Materials, ... ) immediately replace it by my Name B,

would be much better of course.

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