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Video Capture Cards in Vision

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Hello all,

There has been a slew of problems surrounding video capture cards and Vision. A large part of this is due to the number of manufactures that are out there and the number of proprietary drivers required. Some capture cards explicitly state that they only work with certain software suites. We have been doing a lot of investigation into the capture code to figure out why some devices were working and some weren't. As it turns out, this was more a matter of how the operating system handled the capture device rather than how Vision handled it. What we have found, and tested to a limited extent, is the requirements you should look for in a capture card.


First and foremost, all capture cards must be supported natively by Window/OSX; meaning no drivers are required (they can be recommended, just not required). The way these devices work is through a universal driver for video capture called UVC. UVC drivers ship with Windows and OSX so again, no installation required; UVC ships with your OS.

Lastly, video can be output in several formats; RGB24, RGBA32, ARGB32, ABGRA32, UYVY422, YUYV422, YUV420P, H264, MJPEG, and many more. Currently, Vision only supports YUYV422 and YUV420P.


Once we were able to determine what the Operating System's requirements were for video capture cards, we were able to make educated guesses as to which devices may work. We happened to have a AV Bridge MATRIX PRO lying around (http://www.vaddio.com/product/av-bridge-matrix-pro) that we were able to determine supported UVC. We weren't sure what pixel format it was sending out, but we decided to give it a shot anyway. Turns out, it worked!!


We will be purchasing more cards over the weekend that we believe meet the Operating System criteria to test them out. Once we have those cards in house, we should be able to determine that most (if not all) UVC compatible / YUVY422 capture devices will work with Vision.

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We have flushed out the implementation and workflow for capture devices. We are in the process of getting a beta together to verify customers are not experiencing issues before we release the Vision 2018 SP2. Hopefully we've gotten this issue resolved and we can get you guys pointed in the right direction! I'm working on getting a Tech Bulletin together to flush out the details. Keep your eyes peeled!

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New to Vision (currently just demo'ing) and starting to learn all the quirks.


Adding video feeds to my designs is very important and in the past I've gotten by with MA3D and using CITP. But not being able to cop the feed was an issue. 


I can't really find any tutorials about doing the same on VISION (either CITP or any other capture routes) apart from this forum feed.


Any updates or links to helpful articles?





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We have posted a Tech Bulletin which should hopefully answer some of you system requirement questions.

I'd also refer you to the online documentation for workflow related help.



Capture cards are what you want to search for and it all starts by assigning a capture texture to a MeshShape. Hopefully this will get you started.

http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/Vision/index.htm#t=2018_Vision%2FVision%2FSpecifying_Textures.htm%23XREF_12646_Specifying_Textures&rhsearch=capture card&rhsyns=


Lastly, Vision does not currently support CITP, but it has been highly requested feature; along with NDI. The best way to get multiple inputs into Vision is through a multi-input capture card, multiple capture cards, or a single hdmi feed that combines video into a grid form. Once Vision sees this single hdmi grid feed, you can crop it into individual live video streams.

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No additional capture cards were added for 2019. If you have specific cards that aren't working that you'd like support for, please create an Enhancement Request (assuming you have access to JIRA).


Our approach moving forward is going to be more in the way of NDI and supporting media servers over ethernet as this allows for many layers to be sent into Vision with the need to purchase additional hardware 🙂

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