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  1. nakedeye

    Video Capture Cards in Vision

    Thanks Klinzey, not sure what I was doing wrong but its working perfectly now and yes no real setting up.
  2. nakedeye

    Video Capture Cards in Vision

    @klinzey Hi Klinzey, I bought the capture card as mentioned however when selected in vision it crashes the program. What setup do you do in VW for it? just select capture card?
  3. nakedeye

    People/Band Symbols

    I've found the vision folder in VW with the various people/musician symbols, are there any others available? Backline items?
  4. nakedeye

    Flowcharts for Speakers

    I've used ConnectCad for a few years now and use it for designing a control & data layout in all my lighting plots. It would certainly work for audio.
  5. nakedeye

    automatic universe assignment

    Hi Alex71, Spotlight>Spotlight Numbering make sure increment by number of channels is selected and as long as the fixture mode is set in the object info pallet (4th item down) for each specific fixture this will increment that many channels.
  6. nakedeye

    Video Capture Cards in Vision

    Are Blackmagic devices supported?
  7. nakedeye

    automatic universe assignment

    Hi Alex, go to Spotlight then Spotlight numbering. You have a universe option, I usually do a letter prefix on the address so prefix say B/ and the address of say 25 will show up as B/25. Is this what you're aiming to do? Max
  8. nakedeye

    People/Band Symbols

    Hey Scott, when will these be available to download/buy?
  9. nakedeye

    People/Band Symbols

    Looks great Scott.
  10. nakedeye

    Hollowing out hemisphere

    Hi, I'm building a scoop type lighting fixture and I'm trying to hollow out a hemisphere, any good tips to do this? I'd like to be able to give the inside and outside different textures. Thanks Max
  11. nakedeye

    Hollowing out hemisphere

    Thanks gentlemen, I managed to do via converting to mesh then deleting the face. The sweep method does look really good and I'll take a look at the sphere subtraction too.
  12. This what I do, In LW I set the address type to the Universe/Address format (e.g. 1/203) on both the drop down menu and the VW exchange box. Set the Dimming & Control dropdown menu up with a letter for each universe as personally I prefer that format. Attached is a picture of how Vision sees the VW information. The Vision info shown is what it's picked up from the VW drawing. So in VW I need to put the DMX address in the Dimmer box and Vision sees this as 'Channel', universe has to be numeric though as I use a letter prefix on my VW address this doesn't matter, channel in VW is shown as head number in the Vision box. Max
  13. Hi can't seem to connect to a Hog 4 with Vision on my Mac. I can connect Wysiwyg (on bootcamp) on the same machine so I know all the connections are ok. From looking at the various information out there on vision I don't have a drop down under DMX providers for Hognet (or MA for that matter) just art net, sACN & Multi-Input. Should I have? Thanks Max
  14. nakedeye

    Hog 4 Connection

    OK, thanks and good to know. I'll put a version onto bootcamp.
  15. nakedeye

    VW2019 Label Legend Slowness

    Anybody experiencing a slowing down when editing label legends in VW2019? Mine is grinding to a halt.
  16. I've seen a lot of interesting posts on this forum regarding the hardware for vision. I'm Mac based for VW though I also use a PC for a rival, un named visualiser (ok then Wysiwyg). Obviously a PC will be a bit cheaper than a maxed out Mac Pro, does anyone know if the ESC export can be dropped straight into vision on a PC? Or would I have to convert the original VW file to PC then export?
  17. Hi, I'm struggling getting video clips to play on my screens in vision. I can see some flicking but thats all. do I need to have a console patched for this or can it be done beforehand?
  18. nakedeye

    Vision Video Screens

    Thanks Edward, I've had a look and can't see any scaling option on clip selection or after.
  19. In Vision is its possible to create LED ribbon out of say a line in Vectorworks and give it RGB/Illuminance control?
  20. nakedeye

    Title Blocks - project / Sheet Items

    Got it now thanks.
  21. Hi all, I have updated my title blocks for VW2018 however I can't seem to access the original data as I'd like to change one field from 'Sheet' to 'Project'. Do I need to make another record format for it or is the information elsewhere? Thanks Max
  22. nakedeye

    Title Blocks - project / Sheet Items

    Great thanks Grant_PD I'll check it out. I found the drop down but couldn't seem to edit my old items.
  23. nakedeye

    LED Par and Robe Robin 100 beam

    Also check out www.fieldtemplate.com they have an up to date set of robe symbols
  24. nakedeye

    VW2012 Background Colour

    The latest version of VW seems to have a non white background colour on the paperspace. does anyone know how to reset this to white??


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