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  1. Hi mark, I really enjoyed your videos on multi part fixtures. One question, I see you have the cells as a drop down in your object info pallet. Mine are in edit fixture and I cant seem to get them to display elsewhere.

  2. Hi Russ, this does throw the auto numbering out. I've tried this in a console and it doesn't show up.
  3. Thanks, yes I did the same and couldn't find anything suitable so I've used the circle truss tool as a basis for a symbol.
  4. Hi, anyone out there with a 25m or even 30m Diameter Thomas circle truss? something around 520cm deep x 520cm high.
  5. I've just imported both a Robe 600 LED Wash in mode 5 and Robe Spider in mode 10 from the GDTF website, they are shown as 37 and 123 channels respectively which is what I'd expect. On importing into VW the DMX count in the object info pallet is shown as 38 and 124...anyone with any ideas of whats happened here?
  6. Thanks Tom, its only something I've only just noticed.
  7. Is there a way in vision to change the starting universe of artnet from 0 to 1? I usually ignore the 0 and patch artnet 1 to universe 1 and so on. I can change this on the desk patch though I have to change the dmx nodes as well.
  8. nakedeye


    I'm trying to attach a vertical pipe to a truss system so it both moves up and down with the truss structure and the pipe and any fixtures attached to it appear in the braceworks calculations. There are a few posts I've seen regarding pipes and half couplers, are there any basic rules with dealing with these things?
  9. Hi, I'm posting this in Entertainmant as its not really a braceworks thing. The truss on the right is made from truss sections and given a height of 5m and hoist data for M7 & M8 show the bottom trim height of the truss (and the weight calculated in Braceworks. The truss on the left is the same truss but converted to a hanging position however M6 and M5 show a zero truss trim height even though if I select system objects the truss, lamps and hoists are selected. I'v managed to amend the data tag for M5 so it shows the load trim however this I'm guessing the hook position as its at 4174. I'm looking at setting up a second data tag for hoists on hanging positions so can anyone give me an idea of the syntax for the tag? Thanks Mx
  10. Any good recommendations for 3D human figures for use in VW? I have used both AXYZ Studio and Renderpeople and although cost money both are really good and Sketchup warehouse which is free. Any other options with a good polygon count/quality ratio? Mx
  11. Hi Klinzey, seems to have corrected its self by doing a new xml file and export. I've not come across this before and I've been using Lightwright and schematic views lots. Thanks anyway. mx
  12. Well I deleted the old xml file and re-exported and that seems to have cleared it up. Its an ongoing design so could have just had some old data in there.
  13. More of a Lightwright question rather than strictly Vectorworks. I have a series of vertical pipes with S4 pars on so have made a schematic viewport for each one. In Lightwright I'm seeing every lamp twice - both with the same info. I'm assuming its seeing the lamp in the drawing and the viewport version which in theory is the same one. Any thoughts out there? Mx
  14. Hi Pat, yours certainly works however dropping the pickup to my drawing seems to make no difference. Would you mind sharing how you achieved this? Thanks Mx
  15. Thanks Pat, I'll give it a go. mx
  16. Hi Pat, yes it moves the hoist down but not the truss fixing. File attached. Rigging.vwx
  17. Are truss pickups recognised by Braceworks? If I add this truss pickup to the hoist the system stays connected however if I lower the hoist position as is the second picture is breaks the connection between the hoist and the truss.
  18. Thanks Tom, currently I edit the 2d colour and code fixtures that way so the colours appear in the symbol key. It would be great to be able to do colour coded truss layouts and have a corresponding worksheet as well. Cheers mx
  19. Hi all, is there a way of showing colour coding from data visualisation in a worksheet? For example I have a worksheet showing images and counts of truss and although I have them colour coded in data visualisation they are showing as non coloured in the worksheet.
  20. Thanks Tom. I'll take a look.
  21. I'm trying to import a round video screen in from VW into vision, I did this from an extruded circle but can't get the video to play on it. Is there a way of achieving this?
  22. Thanks Josh, it was right under my nose.....
  23. Hi, I’d like to display the weight of a truss made into a hanging position with lights on. In the object the total weight is shown and I’d like to display this. I've not used data tags before and wondered if this was the way to go. I'm not using Braceworks and I'm not trying to show individual point loadings, just the total weight of the truss and fixtures. Thanks Mx
  24. I want to add a diffused front panel in front of a video wall so the wall image shows thru but is slightly softened. or is there a way of diffusing the video image apart from manipulation of the original in something like photoshop? Thanks in advance.
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