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    Publish Image possible bug

    Hi, I try publish images from different sheet size. I thing publish image has bug. If I select All Page as Single Image in Publish Export Image File Option, VW locked image size to print area from active Sheet Layer. I can not reset it again to desired size. All image are wrong size ekported. For Reset image size: 1. I had to change active sheet layer, add image to publish and reset All Page as Single Image option. Without this VW remember last wrong image size. 2. Or duplicate sheet layer and publish new sheets. Publish to PDF have no this bug. This bug exist during publish image only. VW 2019 SP3 build 476990 64-BIt Win10 Pro
  2. Robert Janiak

    Led screen image

    Hi, Is it possible to have one led screen object and different images in different viewports? I am looking workflow for vizualization. Now, I duplicate screen and put it into another class. Is something better than that?
  3. Robert Janiak

    Led screen image

    @Kevin Allen That is what I need. Thanks. I do not use DLVPs a lot but It is a very powerfull tool as I see.
  4. Robert Janiak

    Led screen image

    @scottmoore ok, but you have duplicated objects if you need count screens or other worksheet function.
  5. Robert Janiak

    GrandMa - Vision

    He, I have ErrorLoading DMX Provider after gMA-ESPVision[3.100][6.800]-v1.220 instalation. If i use oryginal grandMA.dll, i have no error. I think gMA-ESPVision addon is broken. How is best practise to connect GrandMA to Vision?
  6. Robert Janiak


    Hey, Prism still do not work. Beam disapear when I use prism in Robe Robin Pointe, Martin Mac 700. Any tricks for this?
  7. Robert Janiak

    Vision doesn't load on Windows 8.1

    @DBLD thanks, i will try change my pc.
  8. Robert Janiak

    Vision doesn't load on Windows 8.1

    @DBLD Hey Dan, did you resolve your problem? I have the same on old PC / Win10 / GTX560Ti
  9. Robert Janiak

    Total truss lenght in worksheet

    @David Dauphin I found it. You sould set unit and show unit mark in Unit dialog box then set Dimmension cell format in worksheet.
  10. Robert Janiak

    Wurlitzer file

    @Ben Marx https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/fa0d52833c5d30f011f78834d904cc01/Wurlitzer-200A
  11. Robert Janiak

    Total truss lenght in worksheet

    @David Dauphin I have no idea how do that. I am looking answer too. It is very strange that lenght have no suffix even if enabled in unit setup.
  12. Robert Janiak

    Total truss lenght in worksheet

    I've done some tests. first worksheet: I used in Lenght column database function =VALUE('Truss Record'.'Length'), but not fixed this problem secound worksheet: I used in Lenght column database function ='TrussItem'.'Length', it fixed this problem @David Dauphin Is this a solution for your problem? @Sam Jones Do you known difference between Truss Record and TrussItem? Trusses-worksheet-sv.vwx
  13. Robert Janiak

    Total truss lenght in worksheet

    @David Dauphin I have no pc right now but try =VALUE() function. May be this is a text field.
  14. Robert Janiak

    Video Capture Cards in Vision

    My Elgato HD60 S is limited to 640x480 in Vision too. I use Windows 10 Pro. I can not force more resolution. It is not enough If i need crop some screens. In other software i get 1920x1080 from that device.
  15. Some fixtures has wrong rotation when I save my project in Vision and open it again. If anyone has this bug? Like some information do not save in file.
  16. Robert Janiak

    Fixture rotation after reopen file

    I maked simple plugin for add individual focus point to all selected device by Pan/Tilt angle. Plugin take into account 3D device rotation. It helps me focusing conventional devices like Led Par or Led Bar and speed up my work with Vision. Please ask me if you are interesed in testing it. 04 Focus Point.mp4 .
  17. Robert Janiak

    Missing textures

    Texture are missing when I merge .esc files. Is it a bug or my wrong workflow?
  18. Robert Janiak

    Missing textures

    @klinzey Thanks a lot. I'll let you known if bug exist.
  19. Robert Janiak

    Missing textures

    Is SP2 avaliable?
  20. Is that capture card supported?
  21. Robert Janiak

    Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle

    This is a comprehensive answer to this topic. Thank you @bbudzon @klinzey By the way Blackmagic should be add to Vision in the near future. It is very popular video equipment.
  22. I am selling my licence dongle VW 2013 Spotlight + RenderWorks . I have to buy new 2016 PL language version, but this is only new licence, so I no need old 2013 version. Harry Up!!! 2013 is upgradable to 14 September. My mail is: robert@stagevision.pl Price: 1100 USD negotiable
  23. Robert Janiak

    Generic Solid Resolution

    Thank you Edward. I will try use Mesh or stay with extruded circles.
  24. Hi, How can I change Generic Solid resolution during export to Vision. When I use circles converted to Generic Solid. Export to Vision works fast. Geometry is low resolution. (attached photo) If I use screens extruded from circle then export to vision works very slow but geometry is high resolution. 3D conversion resolution in VW prefferences do not affect with Vision and Generic Solid.
  25. Robert Janiak

    Instrument focus, part ducks

    Some times ago I had similar problem. Fixture in vision do not affect to "Set 3D rotation" from VW. I resolved this by activate/changing values of each "Set 3D rotation" fields. But i do not know if this is solution for your problem. Robert


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