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  1. Robert Janiak

    Prolyte PRT is red

    @Rob Books Here you are. Please, tell me if you known simple fix for this. Truss Rotation Bug.vwx
  2. Robert Janiak

    Prolyte PRT is red

    @Rob Books ok I will send it as soon as possible
  3. Robert Janiak

    Prolyte PRT is red

    @Rob Books When I am in the office, I will send it, but you can do simple test. Create blank file Add 3xProlyte S36PRF-L305 Add 2xHoist Calculate should be ok Select All (Ctrl+A) Rotate tool about 15 deg Calculate should be wrong I tested it on two different PC and get the same wrong result with S36PRF-L305 only.
  4. Robert Janiak

    Prolyte PRT is red

    @SCParker This is a strange problem. Concern only Prolyte Touring Truss. I thing Cross Section is broken. If I change cross section to other manufacture. I have no problem. I have clean VW. I use blank file for test it. I have all classes on. I use VW SP3 PC Won 10 Pro. If I use blank file, calculate dialog box do not show any errors but on pdf raport some Tube workload are red and have no value. If I use old file where i find this bug, calculate report show errors and raport show Tube workload at 300% I do not Braceworks expert but Why this problem is only on Prolyte Touring Truss? Coul you try replicate my proble on yours machine?
  5. Robert Janiak

    Prolyte PRT is red

    Diagonal PRT Tuss is red after calculation. Why?
  6. Robert Janiak

    Reset Vectorworks Preferences

    Hi All, Vectorworks are hunging if I try Reset button from VW Preferences dialog box on Win 10 Pro PC. Anybody has this problem? I tried this on different mahines and it is this same.
  7. Robert Janiak

    Changing Trim Height disconnected Hoist

    Hey All, Thank you for your time and help. Reset VW resolved my problem. I will do reset VW first before post next bugs. Special thanks to @jcogdell for on-line meeting and helps !!! Good Job. Update: I Think Template file was a problem. Problem come back if I use old custom template. If I use Blank project, have no bugs. I had to redefine my templates ūüėě
  8. Robert Janiak

    Changing Trim Height disconnected Hoist

    @Wesley Burrows Try duplicate this issue with Prolyte H40V-200 or Eurotruss. TomCat seems to be fine but Workload is Grey. Why? It something wrong with Prolyte and Eurotruss library. How I do it: 1. Add H40V-200 2. Add 2xHoist 3. Recalculate All Objects... 4. Change Trim Height of System... 5. Recalculate All Object
  9. Robert Janiak

    Changing Trim Height disconnected Hoist

    VW 2019 SP3 Win10
  10. Robert Janiak

    Changing Trim Height disconnected Hoist

    Hello, Static system is not suported and Hoists disconected after change entire system Trim Height. I can not attach it again. Red line not showing. Only adding new hoists resolve this problem. Do you have any solution for that? Is any hoist reatache function or something like that? Update: I use VW 2019 SP3 Win10. Truss is converted to Hunging Position
  11. Robert Janiak

    Publish Image possible bug

    Hi, I try publish images from different sheet size. I thing publish image has bug. If I select All Page as Single Image in Publish Export Image File Option, VW locked image size to print area from active Sheet Layer. I can not reset it again to desired size. All image are wrong size ekported. For Reset image size: 1. I had to change active sheet layer, add image to publish and reset All Page as Single Image option. Without this VW remember last wrong image size. 2. Or duplicate sheet layer and publish new sheets. Publish to PDF have no this bug. This bug exist during publish image only. VW 2019 SP3 build 476990 64-BIt Win10 Pro
  12. Robert Janiak

    Led screen image

    @Kevin Allen That is what I need. Thanks. I do not use DLVPs a lot but It is a very powerfull tool as I see.
  13. Robert Janiak

    Led screen image

    @scottmoore ok, but you have duplicated objects if you need count screens or other worksheet function.
  14. Robert Janiak

    Led screen image

    Hi, Is it possible to have one led screen object and different images in different viewports? I am looking workflow for vizualization. Now, I duplicate screen and put it into another class. Is something better than that?
  15. Robert Janiak

    GrandMa - Vision

    He, I have ErrorLoading DMX Provider after gMA-ESPVision[3.100][6.800]-v1.220 instalation. If i use oryginal grandMA.dll, i have no error. I think gMA-ESPVision addon is broken. How is best practise to connect GrandMA to Vision?


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