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  1. Hi, MySql generates much more table rows than symbols counts when I am duplicating Lighting Device symbol. Normal symbols seem to be ok. Anybody has the same problem? Is a VW bag or ODBC/MySql problem?
  2. Oh, thanx for info. I did not known about Xform. I will be testing. What is new option "Looked At"?
  3. My first look: + Bloom + Haze + Exposure, Contrast, Gamma etc. + Shortcuts + Invert Pan/Tilt + Fullscreen + Better integration with Vectorwroks - Render Stil, has no save render settings. all the time 4000 x 4000 resolution and default path - Color Temperature ??? - Move object by DMX ??? - RGB object color by DMX ??? What is Looked At?
  4. Hey, I still have VW 2013 + RW Spotlight with usb dongle and some extra stage plugins. Ask me if you interested. Shipment from Poland is not expensive
  5. Yes, I still have VW 2013 + RW + some extra plugins for sale. I sent private message for you.
  6. I rewritten my test script in VectorScript. It works !!!. Why in Python it is difficult to do this in the simple way? What should I know to do the same in Python? PROCEDURE Test; VAR h : HANDLE; x, y, z : REAL; ObjType : INTEGER; FUNCTION CheckObjCallback(h : HANDLE; px, py : REAL) : BOOLEAN; BEGIN CheckObjCallback := FALSE; IF GetType(h) = 3 THEN CheckObjCallback := TRUE; END; BEGIN REPEAT TrackObject( CheckObjCallback, h, x, y, z); SysBeep; UNTIL h = NIL END; RUN( Test );
  7. I known that Message command do not works good but sometimes it is simple way to get fast result for me. Do you known better way for testing? I thing I have problem because I use Python. In VectorScript seem to works better. I will try write my tool in VectorScript.
  8. I tried this before. I thing in Python this not work. When I put vs.TrackObject inside vs.RunTempTool it crash. I tried capture RunTempTool events action and I get only kToolDoSetup, kToolDoSetDown, kToolDraw, kToolGetStatus. Nothing else. If I use vs.vstGetEventInfo with menu or tool I have no event value. I tried capture events values by writing text file with it. This is my test log. Action is random. I can not find it in SDK. Tell me if you think that I am testing wrong way. I am not programing expert, but I like experimenting wit it. action: 2 msg1: 1514359392 msg2: 1514359392 action: 32 msg1: 1514359392 msg2: 1514359392 action: 32 msg1: 1514359392 msg2: 1514359392 action: 32 msg1: 1514359392 msg2: 1514359392 action: 4 msg1: 1514359392 msg2: 1514359392 action: 32 msg1: 1514362864 msg2: 1514362864 action: 2 msg1: 1514362864 msg2: 1514362864 action: 2 msg1: 1514362864 msg2: 1514362864 action: 2 msg1: 1514362864 msg2: 1514362864 action: 0 msg1: 1514362864 msg2: 1514362864 action: 0 msg1: 1514362864 msg2: 1514362864 I am testing vsoGetValue inside object events from Python samples and seem to captured good values. I think that this procedures do not work properly in Python. I will try build my script in old VectorScript or SDK.
  9. This is my simple script only for test. It works, but I can not do anything after mouse click. Script go terminate. I tried put TrackObject inside loop but script hang. I tried use vs.MouseDown() but it gets no values. I tried many things, no result. Any idea? I can resolve my problem using vs.GetPt() instead TrackObject but GetPt do not red highlight objects. Red highlight is more interactive so its better for me. TriedObject works in VectorScript because it stop execute script. In Python I can not do anything after TrackObject. Any idea? my simple recipe steps: - move mouse hover over object. If object meets specified criteria go red highlight (TrackObject do this). - if mouse click on matching object, change some values in record and repeat script (I have no idea how do this). - if mouse click on empty space, terminate script. def CheckObjCallback(h,x,y): type = vs.GetType(h) if type == 3: vs.Message('Rectangle') return 1 return 0 vs.TrackObject(CheckObjCallback)
  10. Hey, is vs.TrackObject work in Pyton VW 2016? I need red highlight selection for my tool. I can run this and red selection works good. How can I do something after mouse click during TrackObject works? After mouse click tool stop working, but i need tool still active or run again. I need tool similar "Number Instrument" from spotlight. I known that this procedure do not block script execution. So i need write all inside callback function. Is it true ? It is many topics at forum but I can not find solution for my problem. Best for All, Robert
  11. Which capture card instead problematic virtual cam is good for Vision? Any plans for improve video capture tools? I need video input but I can't invest for capture card now if you plan fix this or add CITP or other magic tool. Robert
  12. May be come in handy someone. I found similar devices. 8 x pixel RGB strip light emissive 1m I found 'Mega-Lite Brite Stripe m2' Par RGBW 4ch i found 'Elation Elar 108 Par 4ch RGBW'
  13. Thank you, but i need export custom fixture to Vision. Now I need 1m strip led with 8 x RGB cells. I think it is not possible now. I sent Fixture request to Vision. I am waiting for answer.
  14. He, Is it possible to create my own fixtures in Vision or VW? Sometimes I get project for vizualisation including some 'on name' devices like led par or strip led. I spend a lot of time looking for the simillar device. It would be nice to create custom simple led emmisive fixtures. Best Robert
  15. I have old 2013 Spotlight inc. Fundamentals /w RW and some extra plugins for Lighting Design. Contact me if you still interested.