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Time tracking software to learn from one project to the next

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I use Mediaatelier's Timings


And exchange these results to their Grand Total to automate my invoices.



I do it mainly manually on the App-Usage color marking in the timeline as

it will not count when I have longer phone calls with customers and the like.

On the other hand I can see when I answer threads here in Safari that I will not

include that into my hours list.


But will watch your alternatives.

A crossplatform App would be nice in case I have to switch to Windows at one point.

Mac Apps like these are one of the reasons for me to stay on Mac.

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6 hours ago, Christiaan said:


Seems to be a one-man-gang type of app. There's no web service attached to this is there?


Yeah, it's definitely geared towards a solo setup.   No web service that I'm aware of.  


I really like that I can assign files, directories, etc to a project and it will track time without my intervention.  But probably not super helpful for a team environment. 

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Anyone who knows how to host a mysql server - OrangeHRM is great. I'm hosting it on windows for now with XAMP server. Linux is by far more secure however. It's opensource, so the hardest part is learning to how php / mysql server on localhost or local server and managing ports / domains with a LAMP box. If web is necessary, using dynamic dns along with pfsense or kemp loadmaster for reverse proxy. Make sure to use SSL for security (i.e. www.sslforfree.com or letsencrypt)


The only thing you might need to pay for is a domain, but there are plenty that are also free - like DDNS or something similar. Google offers ddns services, so as long as you have a ddns client on the server that connects to google domains, you would be good to go. FYI a domain through google is about 15 dollars a year, so it's relatively cheap.


Everything in here thus far is opensource, and is free to use so long as you know how to implement it.


 FYI, learning curve can be steep. 

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