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Whole Model Glitch


Hi there,


Im having a major problem with a model that has started disappearing. I'm not sure how to best describe the issue. The model was working fine and it still appears in all the viewports as normal. However when I now click into the design layer the layers will not show except the roof and it is not selectable unless force select it used. If I go in through a plan viewport then sometimes the walls will show and sometimes not. If they do show up then the I rotate the model into a custom view then they disappear again and only the roof is left but in a different plan to the rest of the model. 


I have attached the model below as it is acting very strange and does different things each time the same process is repeated. Up until yesterday the model was working as normal so fingers crossed it can be salvaged!


Thanks is advance for any help you can offer!




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You have your Layer option set to "active only"

This will hide all other Layers.


Set it back to any of the "show others" options.




You have "Unified View" set to off.

This may prevent also other Layers from being displayed and their orientation.

(The small Icon right from Plan Rotation)

Also check its sub settings by double clicking the icon.

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EDIT: Sorry, just read your post again, as @zoomersaid,  unified view  turned on shows everything up fine!



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Ah brilliant thank you guys! The unified view was the solution as once I switched it back on the entire thing went back to normal.


Pheeew! Thanks so much!

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