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  1. Thanks @line-weight it is really useful to see your workflow. This is a similar method I have been starting to use for simpler details so good to see a more worked through detail. I might also try creating the initial detail section viewport into the design layer then drafting over it in 2D to keep annotations for text only but not sure if this would give any benefit to just working into the drawing in annotations
  2. Yes it would be really useful to know if anyone does details to that scale from the model. At the moment I similarly would output up to 1:20 from the model but would resort to annotations for anything in a larger scale.
  3. I've been having the same questions as @e_calabrese and struggling to get the balance of what to draw in annotations or pull from the model. This shifts more towards the model as I get to grips with the tools further. There are a lot of tutorials out there on the 3D modelling but haven't found any yet which show construction details at say 1:10/1:20 from the model. Does anyone know if there are tutorials on this scale of drawing somewhere?
  4. Thanks so much for the tips Phil - I will give it a go
  5. We have been creating 3D models in Vectorworks up to Planning stage for a while but trying out the jump to a full construction set that is taken from the model, rather than drawn separately in 2D. We have been muddling along with this but have been looking for any online tutorials on creating construction details from the 3D model. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks
  6. Hi Matt, That is exactly the tip that I was needing - it works how I was hoping now. thank you very much for the explanation!
  7. We get a few of these errors as well but almost always relate to our server connection dropping in the office rather than the software. We now work with files on our desktop for project sharing which has reduced the frequency of the problem. Not sure why it is only happening in one job folder though.
  8. The section elevation marker tool only allows us to link to a viewport if we set this up in the tool properties ahead of placing the object onto the design layer. If we place the tool first it then shows as 'unlinked' but greyed out so that we can then link it afterwards. This has been workable as we just set them ahead of placing in our workflow. However we now have a file where the marker tool drops the link to its viewport after its creation. Now the fact we can't relink it is a problem. Screenshot of the OIP attached. Is there a setting that is causing the section marker to drop its link? And is there a way to relink to a viewport after is has been created without redrawing them?
  9. Just a guess as I don't have Vectorworks open right now but try setting the line marker as your first symbol and then the differentiate symbol marker option set to the circle/arrow. So select them in the opposite order in the 'set marker style' setting
  10. I don't think you would want the viewports to autoupdate every time as this will slow down your workflow a lot since it can take some time to update. There is an option in the View menu to update all viewports which shortcuts doing it sheet by sheet. If they are taken a long time to update then have a look at the rendering section in this post for settings to adjust. I usually downgrade the settings while working and then increase them before publishing so that workflow is quicker.
  11. Ah ok brilliant thanks for the file link. Kinda glad it is a glitch as I was going in circles trying to figure out why I was being blind!
  12. Yes but the if I change the opacity of the fill then the text in the space label is also affected. I am trying to have a space label with 50% opacity but the text still showing as 100 % to be readable. Is this possible? When I change the graphic attributes it has no option for the label
  13. Hi there, Wondering if there is a way to control the opacity of a space label independently to the fill colour of the space tool? I have tried setting the label to a different class than the space but this had no effect. Thanks
  14. That definitely sounds like the case - we have just upgraded in the office to 2020 but were previously on 2017 so quite a few things to adjust to. Thank you very much for your pointers - I will have a look at these and reset the TBB to be current. Hopefully that will sort the scale field in doing so and if not I will try again to capture it on a screen recording. Thanks for the help!
  15. Typically when I closed and restarted the file this time round it remembered the scale rather than reverting back to 'manual entry' so the video hasn't captured that. The page size is still trying to link to the scale though and the video shows me checking that the text link to record is still setup. Screen recording.mov
  16. Yes so that is exactly what happens in our main file. Every time we open the file we have to update each title block individually as it always resets back to 'manual entry'. It doesn't seem to remember the scale each time.
  17. Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Sample file attached! Thanks Title Block Test File.vwx
  18. Hi there, We have tried out the auto scale function in the title blocks in the office but every time we open up the file the scale is replace by the text 'manual entry'. The paper size then states the scale instead of the unlinked text that was there before. We have to go through each sheet, open up sheet data from the OIP and click refresh which solves the issue. This is more work than just manually inputting the scales. Is this a known error? Or perhaps a glitch when the file updated from 2019 to 2020? Need to find a solution otherwise we will revert back to manual text for this box. Screen shot attached below Thanks!
  19. LauraCB

    Image Effects

    Ok that explains it thank you. There is no way to access the previous adjustments so will just need to re adjust backwards if needed. I haven't used textures before so will try these out to recreate the same panelling modules. Thanks for the reply!
  20. LauraCB

    Image Effects

    I'm playing around with rendering in 3D with render works having only used it for flat elevations with hidden line settings before. This has created lots of questions that looking through previous posts I have managed to find answer to. However a couple of quick ones that I am still struggling with: - The viewport image effects enabled with 2019 does not appear in the obj info even when the viewports is updated. Not sure how to access this? - The surface hatches only appear with hidden line turned on, but not the edge style with a render works style. Is there a way to get these surface hatches to show as part of the edge style? The hidden line is far too clunky for a render but not sure how else to show the panelling in the wall texture?
  21. Yes this is what I had suspected as well. Thanks for your comments! Laura
  22. I'm afraid my office will not let me attach the actual vectorworks file. However it is across all the files that I have been using that there is this problem rather than just the one. I suspect it may be a limitation in the DWG export capabilities?
  23. Yes of course! Below is an image of how it looks on the sheet with Renderworks as the background render and Hidden Line as the foreground render. The second one is how it looks when exported as a DWG. Also attached is a screenshot of the settings used when exporting to DWG. I have tried adjusting these settings but nothing I have tried gets the hidden lines foreground to show. To get the colour fill to export then it seems to convert it into one combined JPG and in this process the black fill appears as well. Thanks Laura
  24. Hi Again, Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks
  25. Hi All, I have been having trouble exporting sheets to DWG where the viewport has render works as its background render and hidden line as its foreground render. I can only get the background render (and annotations) to export no matter which export options I select. Has anyone got any ideas on what I could be doing wrong here? My current workaround is to change all the viewports to hidden line for the background render to export and then changing them back which is a very time consuming process. Thanks!


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