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  1. LauraCB

    Image Effects

    Ok that explains it thank you. There is no way to access the previous adjustments so will just need to re adjust backwards if needed. I haven't used textures before so will try these out to recreate the same panelling modules. Thanks for the reply!
  2. LauraCB

    Image Effects

    I'm playing around with rendering in 3D with render works having only used it for flat elevations with hidden line settings before. This has created lots of questions that looking through previous posts I have managed to find answer to. However a couple of quick ones that I am still struggling with: - The viewport image effects enabled with 2019 does not appear in the obj info even when the viewports is updated. Not sure how to access this? - The surface hatches only appear with hidden line turned on, but not the edge style with a render works style. Is there a way to get these surface hatches to show as part of the edge style? The hidden line is far too clunky for a render but not sure how else to show the panelling in the wall texture?
  3. Yes this is what I had suspected as well. Thanks for your comments! Laura
  4. I'm afraid my office will not let me attach the actual vectorworks file. However it is across all the files that I have been using that there is this problem rather than just the one. I suspect it may be a limitation in the DWG export capabilities?
  5. Yes of course! Below is an image of how it looks on the sheet with Renderworks as the background render and Hidden Line as the foreground render. The second one is how it looks when exported as a DWG. Also attached is a screenshot of the settings used when exporting to DWG. I have tried adjusting these settings but nothing I have tried gets the hidden lines foreground to show. To get the colour fill to export then it seems to convert it into one combined JPG and in this process the black fill appears as well. Thanks Laura
  6. Hi Again, Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks
  7. Hi All, I have been having trouble exporting sheets to DWG where the viewport has render works as its background render and hidden line as its foreground render. I can only get the background render (and annotations) to export no matter which export options I select. Has anyone got any ideas on what I could be doing wrong here? My current workaround is to change all the viewports to hidden line for the background render to export and then changing them back which is a very time consuming process. Thanks!
  8. Ah brilliant thank you guys! The unified view was the solution as once I switched it back on the entire thing went back to normal. Pheeew! Thanks so much!
  9. Hi there, Im having a major problem with a model that has started disappearing. I'm not sure how to best describe the issue. The model was working fine and it still appears in all the viewports as normal. However when I now click into the design layer the layers will not show except the roof and it is not selectable unless force select it used. If I go in through a plan viewport then sometimes the walls will show and sometimes not. If they do show up then the I rotate the model into a custom view then they disappear again and only the roof is left but in a different plan to the rest of the model. I have attached the model below as it is acting very strange and does different things each time the same process is repeated. Up until yesterday the model was working as normal so fingers crossed it can be salvaged! Thanks is advance for any help you can offer! Laura House_Planning_test.vwx
  10. Thank you michaelk! The problem reoccured in a different model and your solution fixed it. Much easier than recreating all the roof surfaces each time like I was having to do before.
  11. Thank you for your very detailed response! I have gone through and tried each of the points to no success unfortunately. When I hit select all with only the roof layer left it will delete but cannot copy it into a new file. I suspect it is just an odd glitch now since all the other roof faces on the same layer and same class are acting completely normally and I have transferred the attributes across as well. I have since remade the same roof face and it is now behaving as expected. Hopefully this time it won't disappear! Thanks again for your help
  12. Hi there, I have a 3D viewport set up with Open GL that was working find previously but when I have reopened it on of the roof faces will not appear in the viewport even when set as Wireframe. When I go into the design layer the roof appears but cannot be selected. I have restarted the programme and checked that all classes and layers are on so not sure what to try next. I have also moved the drawing back to the origin as this has previously solved odd issues like this. Any suggestions of what to try next? All the other layers and objects are working as normal. The rest of the roof faces are also working as expected. This did happen once before a couple of months ago on the same file but then a simple restart solved it whereas the issue is more resilient this time as I have restarted several times already. Thanks
  13. Dan bates - Try resetting your drawing to the origin. I was having a similar issue with the fit to wall tool and this was because the objects were too far from the origin. Its in the tool menu -> origin. Hope that helps!
  14. Is there any updates on this issue? I have just had the exact same problem or the column error when trying to use the structural member tool. The other issue I was having is that I created a set of purlins for a roof that changes angle halfway up I then tried to add rafters connecting them. When it snaps to the purlins they always default back to being horizontal rather than on the slope? Thanks!
  15. Hadn't got as far as a render view yet but that is definitely useful for when i do. Thanks! Still on hidden line section settings until I get them all working for speed!


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