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Stair flight with triple winder top and bottom

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How would you go about modelling this stair in VW with the stair tool?



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Yes, exactly. I did actually manage something that will probably suffice, by starting with the 'U-Stair, Double Winder Return" standard configuration. However I've used 4 winders.




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Christian, the Stair tool should be able to do your stair.  


It is not an unusual configuration and you should Wishlist for the Stair tool to do that form and for it to be added as a standard configuration.  

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The current stair tool stinks. You can't customize like you could with the old custom stair tool (which you really can't use because it will corrupt your files). It lacks clear logic, its hard to follow what dimensions you're modifying, railings are buried way in the back, changing the weird default graphic parameters are unnecessarily complex. I tried to create a stair recently that had just a landing as the first tread, which is legal in the US, and it wouldn't let me do it without one tread and riser in front (which I did not want). I don't want to add platforms or other independent geometry to cover for the lack of flexibility in the tool. Its a pain, especially if floor heights are still in flux  We've been suffering with this for at least two releases. Despite repeated calls for an upgrade (or frankly tossing it out and finding another vendor) we're stuck with the same lack of functionality and unecessary complexity. ugh.

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