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I've been using VW web view export quite a bit recently. It's really good, but I'm looking for the next step up in terms of control/ quality - ie. that I can easily import VW model and tweak (not a unity style rendering engine)!


Anyone have any suggestions for vectorworks compatible rendering packages for generating vr type models?

I've tried sketchfab , anyone tried any of these:







yulio vr



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Very easy to use; user friendly interface for control of lighting/ textures etc.

Possibly more suited to 3d objects, eg. building exteriors than interiors.


Here's a link to a sketchfab example model I generated.....




and by way of comparison,  the same model as web view export.....



End results are similar in terms of quality.






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Thanks for sharing Mark, I think the question is at what point does it become client ready. I have an old copy of SimLab I was going to dust off but the VR there is still so 2017 as well. The next two years are going mean so much to this space. We'll be looking back with ... nostalgia?

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Hey guys, I did some research on a few different ways to take a Vectorworks model into VR. One of them is the Export to Web View which you already know about. The others are Export to Panorama, how to use the Vectorworks Nomad mobile app for AR, and options to import your model into Cinema 4D or Unity.


I hope you find it helpful! 


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