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Use 'Tile' Resource as Surface Hatch

Andy Broomell


It would be great if renderworks textures allowed you to use Tiles in addition to Hatches for their Surface Hatch, mainly because it's 1000X easier to create something from scratch as a Tile compared to a Hatch.


If there's a technical reason why Tiles can't be Surface Hatches, then attention needs to be given to the Hatch Editor to make it more user-friendly. (This is true either way, I suppose).

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
1 minute ago, Bas Vellekoop said:

Tiles are so much easier to work with. 

 @JimWare tiles more memory intensive and is that the reason that it is not introduced from the start? 

From what I have heard, yes. Also, apparently Hatches follow a whole pile of strange rules in the background to remain compatible with DWG import/export that Tiles do not, and there was concern of them being lost when applied to surfaces and then exported as well, mainly in elevation and section views I think.

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