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Problems with VW Exchange Geometry in C4D




I have large Problems in C4D with my Exchange Geometry from VW.

C4D runs smoothly for a while but at a certain points there starts some beach balling for

simple steps like renaming an object or that a simple view change needs a redraw.

It feels like every new beach ball needs double the time than the one before.

Very soon you reach minute long intervals and have to restart.

C4D will not need more RAM or much CPU.

In that case even closing C4D needs much longer than normal.

After restart I can work again for a while until that problem starts again.


I tried everything like cleaning Materials, Settings or renounce Advanced OpenGL + lowest settings.


Im on nMac Pro, Sierra, VW 2017 and C4D R18, (but R17 doesn't help either).

Temp/Backup Files are on local PCI SSD, Files on the external SSD.

I use "by VW order" to keep Story Visibility control.




What I notice is, if C4D starts these freezes and intervals are still realistically short,

If I'm able to switch the whole VW Import Group Folder invisible for Viewport,

my C4D gets back to a normal state without any lags.


I have no problems with my C4D-only geometry like landscape and plants, which are far more

complex than VW Architecture (at least concerning Poly Count).

Also Rendering is not a Problem.


The only way for me to work is by setting whole VW geometry to invisible for Viewport.

So I think this is related to GPU and OpenGL together with VW geometry.



Has anybody seen similar ?




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Thanks for your feedback.


I do not find many threads about such a problem in the internet. At least not for current C4D releases.

However some on the VRAY4C4D Forum say having similar problems but do not care much.


And you are on Windows, I'm on Mac.


My Projects are often running over years, so my Files ran over several VW or C4D versions and had

many refresh exchanges. File complexity in C4D is about 60 MB.

Do you have similar tasks.

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Yesterday there came a C4D R18 update,

(Not for R17 which had the same problems for me)

It had not much in it but said something about an OpenGL Problem being fixed.


I'm not 100% sure about the lags coming after some time of working as I did not try very long,

but it looks like closing C4D now goes instantly and does at that time no more freezing my whole

Mac for many seconds.


So far much better now.

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No it is still a problem.


And somehow the older Backup Scenes with the older Organisation,

where Symbols where not in a separate Group Folder, but spread over all Layers,

work a bit better.

(Same amount of Geometry)

Something I can't explain.

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No issues here (apart from Render Instances ha ha). 


I am using R17 but am often in Quick Shading and my lights are all on the same layer and I usually have them turned off. I do solo the layers a lot but thats to help me view objects not to provide better performance.

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I am dealing with complexity of :


VW Files about 200 MB

Resulting C4D Files of about 80 MB


Which is quite low because everything that repeats is done by Symbols.

But I even cleaned up all nested Symbols from nesting to avoid any problems and

as these get extracted when being exported anyway.

It is much more when, for example, using FBX Export which brakes instancing.


But if I manually dump down grouping hierarchy + combine all Meshes of one class

into a single Mesh Object, everything works fine and I won't scratch along any limits

in geometry complexity, with my kind projects.

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No Sketchup (I avoid such geometry wherever possible)

Materials are also pretty simple.


It is mainly because these 3D Apps do much easier with many Polygons inside a few Meshes

opposed to few Polygons distributed over many Meshes.


But because these problems did not occur in the past with the same Files, there

must be things that changed and are problematic now.


(Wacom Drivers, Sierra, C4D Exchange System changes, OpenGL drivers, .....)

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