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Separate Unit Control

PVA - Jim


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Some work has been done recently to support the addition of alternate unit settings for different object and annotation types within a document. A number of types of objects have had this behavior requested:

Not all of them are exactly this, but they're generally related to the ability to pick a different unit or set of units specifically for the given object type. My question for the board is: Are there many other objects where this would be desirable, and if so, which ones?

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Full control over site contour heights would be awesome. Currently I have to change units from mm to m do a change to the site model then change units back to mm to press on - if you make a change to the site model, like a crop or something, and it's back to reporting mm. 

A dialog or oip section to control units, decimals and a yes no to displaying unit would be brilliant.

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Oft wished for, but just want to say it again: Functionality to adjust the units type for any dimension object.  Other approaches would be either an additional type of dimension tool, one which creates dimensions not at all linked to the drawing unit type, or an option, eg in OIP, to un link any dimension object from the drawing unit type. Additional Dimension Class(es) would probalby be necessary for these new or modified dimensions.


The goal is to be able to place a dimension object, and have user selectable all the unit types for that kind of dimension.  eg if I snap a linear dimension object onto endpoints of an edge, the dim would display the length in most recently used units, eg inches. Any time that dimension is selected, I could use a pulldown in the OIP to change the display to corresponding meters/yards/miles, etc. If nothing else, this would be a quick way to view a conversion!


There could be some discussion about strategies for globally relinking to drawing units. Or avoiding that relinking. Class units? Custom Selection?


And @rDesign - I agree. Vectorworks Dual Dimension option provides dual display only for linear dimensions. Area, volume, angle and energos are not included in the secondary dim prefs. I think they should be.



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