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Unfortunately, no...the worksheet image function responds to the documents current class visibilities when the worksheet is recalculated. If you set your visibilities to the view you want your worksheet to represent and then recalculate the worksheet, you should see the images respond accordingly.


The entire =IMAGE function is a wishlist item that is in desperate need of repair.


Sorry this probably isn't what you were hoping.


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I'm using VW 2018 and attempting to place a plant 'photographic' image into a plant report/schedule. I can place what we see in the top/plan preview and 3d OpenGL preview under Edit Plant Definition, but am unable to see how I can get it to display the contents of what is placed in a custom image field. Is this function possible?

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Dear Julie,

It's all in the excellent Help.


http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2019/eng/index.htm#t=VW2019_Guide%2FPlants%2FPlant_Style_Plant_Data_Pane.htm%23XREF_54541_Setting_Plant_Data&rhsearch=plant images&rhsyns=


I included a Vectorworks file in my previous post to take apart.




PS it's a 2019 file.

Edited by Peter Neufeld
Added PS.
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Hello MUD,

As per the reply I sent (8/11) there is also a file that includes the worksheet. The formula used is =PLANTIMAGE(2)

2 being the fact it was the 2nd image that was chosen. It goes 1,2,3 down the page. This is how it is using the Filemaker database. It might be different or similar if you are using a Plant Catalogue. Not sure about that as we don't have any in Australia for use yet but I imagine 1-4.


I hope this helps.





Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 4.26.53 pm.png

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