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When I try to edit an auto hybrid, the object disappears in the edit auto hybrid function. The object is not there when I exit the edit auto hybrid function. Also, when I try to create an auto hybrid from an extrusion, the extrusion becomes 2 objects, one of which is in a different location from the location that I created, and the other is an object that I can not see anyhwere on my screen. The only way that I know it becomes two objects is that the object info palette states that 2 objects are selected. This has not happened before when working with auto hybrids, and does not occur in any of my other projects. Has anyone else experienced this? The project I am working in was created by a coworker who is no longer with our firm. Could there be some setting that she used that i am not aware of that causes this issue?


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What happens if you are in the edit and have the two objects you do a select all and then deselect the object you want to keep and delete the remaining selected object? That way you should end up with only the object you want to keep. If you select the autohybrid after editing and you do a zoom to object, do you get a scale/view you would expect based on the object or is the area of view way larger?


It might be that something got added by accident in the auto hybrid at a position at a distance from the original object.

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It sounds a bit like someone edited the extrusion and tried to paste or paste in place. Often the pasted object is way off screen and you don't notice it until later.



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I've taken to:

copying the autohybrid settings

in 3d view ungroup the autohybrid

make my changes in 3d

remake the autohybrid


Just easier on the heart than editing the autohybrid from the inside.

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I've had problems with auto hybrid objects, but I've heard on this forum that a lot of visibility issues have to do with the "cut plane elevation" setting.  In tinkering with this object type, that setting remains mysterious i.e., I can't make an object below the cut plane disappear, but, like I say, allegedly it does something.  You also have the key visibility options, 2d only, or 2d and 3d.  There are also settings related to the class of the hybrid objects, and it can happen that an object appears on screen after it's been pasted, even though it's class is set to invisible, but once something is done it disappears.  As a VW user for over 25 years, I still can't figure out why auto-hybrid was invented, but one thing is for sure - they require a lot more study and understanding than I've been willing to devote to them.  A lot of manufacturers seem to favor these concoctions in their downloadable content, and it's been nothing but a pain.


I tend to think that Art probably has the right idea.  In edit space, select all and press <ctrl+6> to see everything, that might clarify what is in the object.

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