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  1. I have some unwanted objects that appear in a viewport rendering that I am unable to find in the design layers so that I may delete them. I have tried turning on all layers and classes and the objects are unable to be seen. I have tried to edit the design layers through the edit viewport window and the objects do not appear in the design layer of the viewport. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to find these objects? I am using Vectorworks 2018 on a MAC.
  2. The image props appear as two 2D images 90º opposed to one another. Is there a setting that may be used to make them appear as 3D images? I will try update my profile with OS an VW version. I use a Mac and I am currently using VW 2018.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I had already tried that. I only found 2D elevations, 2D plan images, and image props, no 3D pine trees. I did find some stylized 3D conifers in Entourage Plants, but nothing realistic.
  4. Does Vectorworks have any 3D pine trees?
  5. The project sharing in VW 2017 is very cumbersome. Is there a way to convert a project file that is set up for sharing back to a regular VW file?
  6. I am trying to save and commit a working file to my project file. When I select save and commit, a window pops up stating "Are you sure that you want to continue with this operation and lose your uncommited changes on that layer, A-100? The administrator revoked your exclusive lock on that layer and other users have subsequently committed changes on that layer. If you choose to continue, your uncommitted changes on that layer will be lost. YES NO" This window came up for almost every sheet layer and many design layers. I selected yes for all of them. VW crashes after I select yes for the last item. I have tried restarting computer and the crash still happens. Any idea how to fix this?
  7. Is it possible to get the windows from window manufacturers to be drawn accurately? Typically the bottom rail of the bottom sash of a window is taller that the top & middle rails. The bottom rail is also taller that the sides of the sashes are wide.
  8. I am trying create a difficult roof shape. I have created a 3D Polygon by selecting the three points of the roof plane. Vectorworks will not allow me to extrude the 3D Polygon. Any suggestions as to how to accomplish this?
  9. When I try to edit an auto hybrid, the object disappears in the edit auto hybrid function. The object is not there when I exit the edit auto hybrid function. Also, when I try to create an auto hybrid from an extrusion, the extrusion becomes 2 objects, one of which is in a different location from the location that I created, and the other is an object that I can not see anyhwere on my screen. The only way that I know it becomes two objects is that the object info palette states that 2 objects are selected. This has not happened before when working with auto hybrids, and does not occur in any of my other projects. Has anyone else experienced this? The project I am working in was created by a coworker who is no longer with our firm. Could there be some setting that she used that i am not aware of that causes this issue?
  10. Does VW have a tool to calculate the volume of a mass?
  11. Is there a way to get round walls to join with regular walls?
  12. I opened a PDF file that was 3.7MB, and after exporting from Color Sync Utility using the Reduce File Size filter, the file is 6.6MB. Not fully double, but still larger than original.
  13. The VW file size is 143.1 MB, The file exports as a 8.2MB PDF file. I have been able to reduce the PDF file size to 3.7 in the Acrobat Pro Application. Items within the PDF still generate individually even after reducing the file size in Acrobat Pro. I have attached the screen shot of the PDF export settings
  14. I tried your suggestion. I have a Mac. The size of the PDF file doubled after opening it in Color Sync Utility, then exporting as a PDF format and selecting the Reduce File Size filter.


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