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Model to detail to symbol?

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I made a model of a fence mounted on a concrete retaining wall. I then used a section viewport to create a detail. But now I need to re-use that detail in another file. Is there some way I can create a symbol with the same view and annotations so I can import it into the new file?

Thank you

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can't move the viewport directly from one file to another.

You can convert a copy of the viewport to polygons (Modify > Convert > Convert Copy to Polygons), then you can do what you like with the geometry, or if you don't need to modify the geometry at all, you just need an exact copy, you can export an image and bring that into the new document instead.

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i've tested a perspective rendered view.

actually it visually works, but the classes and layers are not imported, and the annotations are not snappable.

the elements disappear after the actualization of the view.

the top plan view doesn't work at all.

but the method seems pretty interesting...


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Its good for moving all your design layer information including the classes and viewport.

So you copy and paste in place (NOTE Paste in place) all the information from the design layer you need, then the viewport and it will all be as the previous drawing.

I get it to work in all modes.


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I've been following this thread as I had a similar question not to long ago but didn't post....

So when you do the copy paste are you left with a working viewport or a Bitmap? As I also have tried various methods. I actually found using modify>decompose will give you all the lineework.

However the method above I was not able to retain an actual working viewport? Is that what is being described here?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Attempting to copy the viewport from one drawing to another I believe you will normally just get a bitmap, but this can behave slightly differently between different versions of Vectorworks and on different operating systems.

Decompose or Convert to Polygons (which may actually do the same thing in most cases with viewports) are the best ways to get at the guts of the viewport.

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I think I was doing this in VW 2008 and so far it worked in 2015 and 2016.

You must group the viewport (even if its just one viewport) first and copy paste into another file and then ungroup you get a working viewport.

You need to bring over all the information that that viewport relates to on the design layer and paste in place in a new design layer. Then in the viewport OIP re check all the design layers and classes then refresh the viewport and all is well. Or eyedrop between the viewport once you have copied all the information over.

It works if you have further issues I can run a short video.


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Id love to see a video, in fact I wish there was a thread with nothing but video tutorials on this kind of stuff. It sounded like you were able to retain the VP if you brought over the design layer as well. I did try this, but only resulted in a bitmap or simple line work?

Ill admit I didn't make several attempts, simply because I assumed you guys were talking line work only.

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