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    Custom Line style difficulty :/

    I will start by saying we still work in saved views. Ive tried taking the standard gas line and duplicating it to make our own. I simply want to make sure the text size appears as 12pt, and would prefer this to be with a dashed line as opposed to the default solid line. I would also like the text to be on one class and the line to be on another. Im starting to think this is not possible. Heck if I could get the font to be 12pt that would be a start. However when Im editing the line style there is really no obvious correlation to how this is to be scaled. If I set it to 12 in the edit mode its much larger. Inversely if I try to set it down to .01 it looks close, but how can I actually verify the font size when I exit back out into the layer. This should be a lot easier to do imo.
  2. HEengineering

    Custom Line style difficulty :/

    Could be. This resource browser is intuitive in some ways, and completely confusing in others. Ive been a user for over 10 years and sometimes I still don't understand what the heck its doing!
  3. HEengineering

    Custom Line style difficulty :/

    Well that at least helps me solve the riddle. Another of topic question. Seems like every time I move a resource from one favorite to the next via the resource browser it seems to always generate a "saved Views" folder? Im just moving the line style to another file yet it always brings one of these "saved views" folders along.
  4. HEengineering

    Custom Line style difficulty :/

    Ok were getting warmer! I thought maybe 1:1 was what I needed to start at. Gets me a little closer. How about having the text be on one class and the line on another? Is this possible?
  5. HEengineering

    Renderworks - is it worth the effort

    Not intended to be smart. More curious as to how others approach. Looks great either way!
  6. HEengineering

    Renderworks - is it worth the effort

    if no post production why in the PSD file format?
  7. HEengineering

    Rendering using photoshop

    a bit off topic, but Id like to see an example of what is being discussed. Sounds interesting(the rendering part)! We usually render in VW, but also use PS supplementally. I always find it interesting to see the wide array of approaches.
  8. HEengineering

    Camera Match Rendering showing black outline

    Awesome. We will give that a shot. Not sure how it became active, maybe a mis key, or its possible user error. Ill give this a go. This board is such an amazing tool. I have never seen support like this anywhere else. Im not surprised to see it related to the none class. We usually try not to put objects on this class but early on it can be a bit sloppy. Would have taken me years to find that.
  9. Im using VW 2017 with camera match and Im not sure I noticed this in prior renderings but were in the midst of doing 100s of these and this something that keeps showing up. Any thoughts? Outline in the render style is turned off. This is rendered with High anti alias and high in the curved geometry as well. DPI is over 300. What am I missing here? @Matt Panzer
  10. HEengineering

    Camera Match Rendering showing black outline

    sure can Matt., see attached. I haven't been able to replicate it. I tried reproducing the parts to no avail. Tried multiple difference rendering settings with no luck either. We've done many others with success, this particular one was a real challenge. Please note the cabinet has some extracted faces to accept a transparency texture for the graphics. Im sure there is room for improvement here. Also Im aware that the photos are less than Ideal, and in some instances we don't have really good perspective lines either. Im at the mercy of schedules and this is what I have been provided and have to work with. I guess I just want to know what's causing it so if It comes up again we know what to look for. Im starting to wonder if the camera match aspect in this particular file didn't get corrupt or confused. Open GL seems to lessen it, but were trying to render them all with the same level of consistency if possible. Appreciate you looking into it for us! 18-209-144 Third Pole Sim.vwx
  11. HEengineering

    Black line appearing in final render in viewport

    Im having this exact same issue. Specifically only happens in custom render style not open GL. I do not have any site modifiers tho?
  12. We are testing a new imac pro, and while it seems to perform excellent Im wondering if a standard 27" with top of the line graphics and processor wouldnt be a better bang for the buck. We are looking at adding 2 more machines regardless and at the IMac pro price point it begs the question. I also recall many saying VW can take advantage of the multi core in the macs? We are moving into more renders, and i some instances more DTM's. Maybe after more time with the Imac Pro I will see the up side? I just want to get some outside opionions on others maybe more familiar with the hardware side of things. If we can run a standard Imac fully spec'd I see no reason to go crazy spending on Imac Pros, as much as Id love to have em! FYI I mac pro is the 27" stock option. Thinking @zoomer and @jimwilson can shed some light maybe? Any others feel free to chime in.
  13. HEengineering

    Imac Pro Vs upgraded/loaded 27" Imac

    How many cores can rendering use? Im talking Imac pro vs Imac
  14. HEengineering

    VW default content not being found?

    any ideas? These are default libraries, which have never been altered? Hmm. A drag and drop works, but a double click doesnt. Must be as designed.
  15. HEengineering

    How to : Create a Workgroup Folder

    We keep our work group library on the server. Even if Im already in to the sever and the work group path is set thru VW prefrences, I still have to physically navigate to that folder on the server every morning or VW will not see it?? I can hit refresh, but that will not work if I don't navigate to the folder thru the finder window first. Silly but is really annoying. Why am I setting a path if VW needs a little push to find it every morning.ūü§® I also echo Jeremy's comments above regarding folder structure. I have the same gripe, Why must I click into 3 subfolders before I can get to what I want. These little things add up and cause frustration at times.
  16. HEengineering

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    You're right on that account as well. I'm fumbling thru this a bit, but none the less mission accomplishedūüĎć
  17. Can anyone tell me how I can get files to show in the workgroup library as opposed to say adding a favorite? We currently just use favorites, but wondered if we could be overlooking advantages. Its not clear to me via the Kbase and I would like some clarification I have set a desired location to look for work group folders in the VW preferences? But I don't see those files come in thru the browser? Maybe Im misunderstanding how this works??
  18. HEengineering

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    I got It. Sorry Pat. Now I see what you were saying. The path for that file thru the attributes not only has to maintain the file naming convention but the path as well. A little counterintuitive until I read it thru a few more times. Thanks for the help guys!
  19. HEengineering

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    I actually took the file and put it in the users default, and then named accordingly. It now shows up in user under the attributes panel, but Im looking for it to show under workgroup. What I was missing was that the file name has to be xxxx_Default Line Types. The alais Idea sounds ideal, great suggestion. Now last step is getting under workgroups in attributes pallet. I already have it in the Resource Library as u can see above.
  20. HEengineering

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    Looking at Zoomer's post got me half way. I now have them showing up in the workgroup thru the resource browser. However I dont see these same files when I access say line styles? This must mean I need to place these folders in another location?
  21. HEengineering

    Site Model: Vertex tool wont activate

    Anyone else had luck testing the vertex tool? Or the swale. I wanted to create a swale near a already modified area, and while I was close to the modifier, I was not interfering with it. The VW Help Manual states that any of the surface tools should not overlap and existing modifier. It seems not only can they not intersect or overlap, it seems that can't even be in the same proximity. For example I can draw a swale away from any site modifier and it comes out as expected. Get within 10' of a road with a boundary or a pad or any modfier, either the swale action fails upon exit, or it shows up all funky and distorted? My hope was I could use the swale tool along a road if needed for water runoff. Vertex tool wont even activate. Spent 2 days testing and never got the tool to even function.ūü§®
  22. HEengineering

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    Ill give these a look Pat thanks! My belief here is there is no advantage over say a favorite?
  23. HEengineering

    Workgroup Library VS Favorite In Resource Browser?

    Forgive me all. I just found zoomers write up on this. Forgot you needed to have these files residing in a folder called "libraries"
  24. HEengineering

    Site Model: Vertex tool wont activate

    I can confirm that SP2 on 2019 does seem to fix the visibility issue between proposed and existing contours. However Im now experimenting with the swale and berm tool along with the add vertex. One thing Im noticing is when you choose to edit the site model surface and you try to activate add vertex, the button activates and then deactivates. As if its completely broken?? nothing activates in the mode buttons either. In addition the swale tool seems to show one thing when editing, then when exiting that mode back out to the DTM It may or may not even show up. Seems like some of the new features are still "new". Maybe some others have had better sucess, I am working from a model originally designed in 2017 which I guess could present some issues, tho shouldn't. But thats another story. Add vertex broken.mov
  25. HEengineering

    Renderworks or Artlantis Advice

    Im also wondering the same here. While I like what VW has built in I often wonder if Artlantis or C4D would speed up workflow in the long run maybe for specialty projects? Most of our renders are often conceptual and subject to a municipality review. I could see down the line the city wanting more detail and more photo realistic renders in some situations. While Renderworks is great. At times I feel like I have to limit size and quality so render times don't run wild. Seems like maybe these programs render in real time or much faster from what I gathered?


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