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  1. I created this model in a blank file so the internal origin should have been center of page. I actually copy the contours out of the dwg survey file and start fresh with a new file. I never encountered this before so Im not sure which origin is which and how I can align them if needed?
  2. Its weird is this also a bug in 2017 as I get the same results on an export. Where can I find the orgin that the survey is using relative to the model? I was getting the same results in 2017 and 2020 Site Model.vwx
  3. Exactly what the subject says. I create the model everything is great and then I try to generate a snap shot. The only way I can find it is by using zoom extents. And even then I cant always find the snap shot. Why is VW sending the site model snap shot way off from the center of the page??
  4. Ok Im going to open this back up. We have a few drawing packages that are larger. This one in particular is 22 pages. When we export its close to 19mb. We have used the pdf options to lower the DPI to around 150 down from the default 300 and that really does not reduce the file size as much as I expected. Is there any way to bring down the size on a published PDF that Im not aware of? Also maybe some Mac users can attest to this. If we have to slip sheet in a pdf survey from a sub or any outside document, when we combine them in Preview they often bloat the file size to something larger than the 2 files sizes add up to. In general preview is the source of many of my frustrations when combining PDF's. Hard to believe PDF combining is a tuff task for Apples Preview in 2020.
  5. If I set it to white its visible in VWX but then publishes to PDF as a black box. Is there a way to determine if the PDF is Vector or raster? I even tried the rasterize pdf option in the publish menu and it had no effect on the outcome. Mostly looking to see if this is behavior others have seen. Art I will send you the PDF in a DM.
  6. We do this a lot and whether its a screen capture a png or a PDF, typically up until now you would set this items to a solid black fill and publish the pdf and it would come out as expected. We had a file in 2017 that had some PDF's and updated to version 20 just today. This PDF now when set to a black fill actually fills it like its an object fill (see video). However it does publish correctly and visible on a Publish to PDF. Keep in mind this now makes it invisible in the actual vwx file. Now if I set that same PDF to a white fill it shows in the cad file but doesn't publish out. It seems to only effect certain pdfs. Why is it some PDFs can accept a fill and publish correctly while others don't? Watch the video to see what Im describing. Most PDF's do not be have this way. Its puzzling. It seems to have to do with only select PDF's and maybe the way the VW 2020 is processing them? If needed I can post a video showing the expected behavior in 2017 Screen Recording.mov
  7. I would certainly give camera match a go. it takes a little bit to get the hang of it, but Id be happy to assist if needed. You'll need an image that you place the model into.
  8. I was able to go into the 2018 library and pull the file and use it in 17! Thanks Rob!
  9. bummer. We are using 17 and wont be switching mid project. I found the color JPG pallet on their website along with some dwg, but it doesnt want to let me impor that file type. Wonder what file type its looking for?
  10. I see the Sherwin Williams color options; however it stops at sw7750. Im looking for SW9093. Can I find the remainder of these colors somewhere? Can they be downloaded?? I will say when it comes to color matching the color picker will work but often gives a color that isnt quite right. Not to mention another layer of complexity is added when you do a final quality render. If anyone knows where I can find these remaining SW colors please share. Thanks!
  11. Hmm after a few restarts seems to be working but intermittently. Some times they show up but seems they need a little coaxing?
  12. Tried this with 3 different terrain models and none seem to work.
  13. Every time I attempt to turn on flow arrows in the site model settings the program freezes? Anyone else experiencing this? Or they simply don't show up.
  14. Have you considered making an Auto hybrid symbol?


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