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  1. Ive tried following the directions to no avail. Can someone please assist me with removing this from a computer. I followed the directions here however I cannot find the ".config" Folder.
  2. I didnt see any other topics, if so post the link and we can redirect.
  3. Well it looks like for now the 27" Imac is not available for sale. With all this new jargon on the M1 max vs M1 Ultra which one is the best value for Vectorworks? Will the base model be able to handle large models and renderings, or should we be looking at the high end spec'd version with the M1 ultra. I think the studio has some real potential. Cons- Not user upgradable. No monitor. So I would have to purchases another monitor as the 27" has served as my main monitor. The 1500 display looks nice, but Id probably be more inclined to go with the M1 Ultra and just try and ultra wide 32 from another supplier. Curious what others do with their machines and how the studio is being received. Anyone planning on getting their hands on one soon?
  4. This is really cool. I like the Onshape interface and tree. VW should take note....I could almost see doing a similar workflow. Its not cheap to have both! Its always cool to see how others tackle stuff. Its one one the best aspects of this forum IMO.
  5. As soon as I copy out the lines work and go to a side view even with a past in place it drops down to 60'±. DM Sent with the file
  6. As soon as I copy out the lines work and go to a side view even with a past in place it drops down to 60'±
  7. I have a bunch of 3d poly contours all with Z heights around 700 feet. When I copy these into a new file then all seem to drop about 650 ft bc all my coutour z heights are in the 60's then? This happens if I even if I create the model in the original file. Its correct, and then when I copy into a new file same results. This has to be some kind of file setting Im missing. Ive never encountered this before. Done this work flow about 200 times. What Am I missing?
  8. Another point worth noting here is that you have to have the favorite file open in order to do certain things with the symbols. Editing the symbol. I wish this were not the case but it is. I wish there also was an option to create the symbol and store it in the library right away vs making it in the current file and then having to export it to a "favorite.' This thread has been helpful for me and I think if some of this were more clear it would be good for all users. Either way a powerful tool that should continue to be developed.
  9. While VW can be intuitive one of the more challenging items Ive come across is making the path that has not just x,y but also z axis? Anyone have pointers for this? I often do it in an iso view. If you have a path that goes on an angle like like x,y that is the hardest of all. Often I find myself resorting to applying a working plane. Or drawing each segment prior then composing "the path"
  10. I think the path needs to be a poly-line. Try drawing your rectangle and then covert it to a poly-line>then extrude along path. I too typically have no issue editing a path.
  11. Mattao, If you have questions or files you need to trouble shoot feel free to send me a message. I am by no means and expert but I have used this workflow substantially over the last 2-3 years with many variables and have been able to make just about anything work. I would be happy to share how I "place my camera" and how I use images to put models into realtime photos taken on site. For our firm, this is hands down one of the best things VW has brought to the table. It's a great addition.
  12. I use the same one mark. Tho I find I have to turn of some of the smart scrolling features specific to VW or the Zoom becomes laggy and unpredictable.As soon as I turned that stuff off it otherwise works great.
  13. I'm curious were you ever able to solve for this? Something that I could see come in handy.
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