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  1. great idea!
  2. Ahh I see now with the grass shader in the texture. Man so many ways to make things work in a render.
  3. Jab_be, Quick question here, as the grass looks great. I notice that when rendered the VW shows the actual grass growing out of the pot. When rendered in open GL or looking at the design layer there is none shown? Seems to be tied to the customer rendering style? Just curious as to why that is? I would like to understand how? Then again most of what we do here open GL is about as far as we need to go.
  4. Try double clicking on your snaps pallet. Lots of settings in there. Should be able to find what you need.
  5. I did have a camera match object in the file. When you update it appears. However I cannot adjust any of the settings of the camera match object. Almost as if it's there but corrupt. The cursor missing may be due to being on OSX 10.11.6 and using VW 17? I can do a quick screen capture and send it over if you would like. Just let me know.
  6. 2 minor issues I have run into several times using camera match. One is using the eye dropper tool. Once I select the color I loose my cursor. Only way to get it back is to minimize the window and then bring it back. Happens every time I select the eye dropper tool within the attributes color pallet?? Also Im not getting this message. I have had this happen a few times after trying to rework the model or texture prior to updating the VP. Then when trying to draw a mask in annotations it gives me an error. I think these both maybe bugs. File attached. Model_View_1.vwx
  7. Thanks for the pointers guys. Looks like I have some work to do. @ Jimw I did not know about the brick shader! I will experiment with this in the future. Thus far I was able to get away with creating a texture from an image and adjusting a little in PS. Sometimes this is good enough. I need to hone the craft a little better. I really try to stay away from going into PS6 since camera match.
  8. Zoomer that seems to be the biggest issue at this point is finding the right image to start with.
  9. Ive created a texture from and image to use in a camera match simulation.. The texture is pretty close to what I need. However Im no expert with how to make textures seamless. Anyone here have a quick run down on how to do one in PS6 or some suggestions. We really have found great use in this feature. The textures sometimes can be difficult to create an exact match tho.
  10. Doh. Found it under the OIP, render tab, rotation(for others). I don't deal with textures to often and sometimes tuff to remember the work flow.
  11. I have a texture that I have applied from the cloud library. However it is 90 degree out of rotation. I tried the attribute mapping tool but get a notification. See attached. What is the best method here? Coupled with that I would love to see a tutorial on making or editing these kind of textures.
  12. I have had this issue twice in the last 2 days. I have some favorite files Ive added to the resource browser. After being able to move several symbols to other files or subfolders via drag and drop, it simply stops working. I cant take any symbol and drag it over to a new folder. After a restart Im back to normal order. Yes Im aware the folders are resource specific. Anyone experiencing this?
  13. I noticed a home button in the RB in 2018 but not in 2017? Also I seemed to remember somewhere seeing a promotional video that appeared to show a live search? But doesn't seem to be the case in either 2017 or 2018? What I mean is when you search thru the resource browser it finds as you type, not after you finish typing and hit return.
  14. Ahh yes +1. Both these guys posts are inspiring!