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  1. HEengineering

    Sheet layer set to view?

    sheets as saved views....oy thats not confusing! For me I get it, for some of our staff this will bring confusion. My DL is not in 1 to 1. I would think a sheet views as its meant to only act as a displaying page that it would automatically fit to view as everything is 1:1 on sheet views.
  2. HEengineering

    Sheet layer set to view?

    When Im moving back and forth between design layer and a sheet layer, why when I switch back tho the sheet layer it doesnt fit to page based on sheet page size? It seems to retain the zoom location that Im in at design layer. Which is a bit annoying? Should fit to view every time?
  3. HEengineering

    Camera Match Photo import orientation

    NM seems a rotation of the photo on the sever after several times now seems to have finally taken. Odd behavior.
  4. HEengineering

    Camera Match Photo import orientation

    As stated. When the image is imported into the annotation the image comes in at 90˚ out of rotation. I assume there is an easy fix for this. Anyone? Paging @Matt Panzer Sorry Matt! I know I always drag you into these lol.
  5. HEengineering

    resource folder wont delete v 2017

    Its a little unintuitive. You have to actually go to the root folder on the left hand side and select to root. Then the sub folders will appear in the actual browser widow to the left. Right click and delete. Make sure you are set to view all resources as well.
  6. HEengineering

    limiting resource browser search

    When doing a search in the resource browser pane I get results on my favorite files, along with all other libraries. How can I Limit this? I have pointed to the workgroup folder location where I store the files I want to search. VW is searching those files and all the defaults, which I have no use for. I don't recall this issue in 16 but the browser was changed quite a bit as well.
  7. HEengineering

    resource folder wont delete v 2017

  8. I have hilighted a favorite folder and would like to delete it. I tried right clicking and nothing comes up.
  9. HEengineering

    Color Fills VW2017

    we had a request to show a few proposed items with a color fill and an visual indicator. The issue with this is when we print to PDF black and white everything comes out black and while, other than actual JPG's When we print to color all our line style colors show and that is not the desired output. Is there a way to accomplish printing to PDF as black and white but allow some object with a color fill to show? My guess here is no, but maybe others have had this issue before and found ways to make it work?
  10. HEengineering

    Layer Import referencing issue with Image

    Looks like it was some settings with unified view. Got it.
  11. I have 2 files Im testing. One was a new file the other is a copy an existing file. I have a logo on the layer Im referencing. When I go to printthe logo image shows up on the pdf as a box with an X thru it. On the other test file the logo comes thru onto the PDF no problem. I have narrowed this down to a setting that must be a default in the new file vs the existing file but I cant seem to find it. Can anyone provide some clues here? It only happens in a completely new file It must be a default setting somewhere but I have looked all over and cant find the difference.
  12. HEengineering

    Record formats

    I know you can have fields with info entered. Would be great if there was a way to attach a spec sheet pdf from the manufacture? I don't believe this is possible at the moment?
  13. HEengineering

    Titleblock - Issues / Revisions !?!

    This was my exact concern and why I didn't bother to invest the time to learn. Seems its even changed from 17-18 and is bound to rules. It would be wonderful if you could simply chose to link or unlink text bocks, I cant see what more you would need. When you think about what a rev block is its nothing more then a item of text letting you know what revision the sheet you are looking at is on. I don't want to spend 2-3 days getting entrenched into a system that is bound to change. I want something simple and functional. For example. if I change a Rev on the title block, it should correspond to that sheet that has changed as well with a link. The only power I see in this is saving time update the sheets. Seems no reason it should be more complicated than that. Pick a border. Link Text on title sheet with text in rev block on desired sheets. Done. Our current drawings exist of basic line work for a border and text. Has worked for 10+ years with zero issues. While simple it just works.
  14. HEengineering

    Texture Fills (version 2017)

    The overall is a little misleading. But I now see I was not using it as designed. This did resolve my issue. Thanks Gadzooks.


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