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  1. HEengineering

    Georeferencing settings

    A comprehensive video on this subject would be great. I think once people see it in use its so much easier to understand vs trying to interpret the help files.
  2. Ive read thru the help and while I can set up a document with the geo-referencing on Im not sure how or what this is actually used for? For example if I set the origin to a specific lat and long I would think that if say a survey file and the points in that file match the points of the georeferenced origin that the point would drop right in the center of the drawing. That doesnt seem to happen. I understand the concept of Geo referencing but the information surrounding how to get it to work for you in VW is sparse at best. Anyone have a good tutorial or can elaborate on their use of this feature? Would love to see how this actually works.
  3. HEengineering

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    We kinda avoided 19 due to some issues with terrain modeling. We use that feature quite often. Right now were running with High Sierra and 17 if you can believe that. We sat out during all the VW19 craziness and 18 didn't really offer anything better than 18. Crazy to think 2 new versions have gone unused for us. We see some things we really like in 2020 tho so that is why I asked. Anyone else that is running 2020 on Mojave please share. Thanks John!
  4. HEengineering

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    How about VW 2020 with Mojave?? Its really hard to know what versions of VW work well with the versions of Mac OSX. We are thinking about making the move to 2020 and updating all Macs to Mojave.
  5. I always wondered how to use this in 2017 but never really tried. Is this something that would allow you to see right of way and property lines as well?
  6. Certainly one of the things I was hoping for here. Tho we have to wait and see how it truly performs in certain workflows. Wondering if this could improve site models as well? Also wondering if the issues with contours skipping over certain vertices has been resolved? I know many were experiencing this. For us we actually chose to stick with 2017 for site models as we felt it provided more accurate site models based off provided survey data.
  7. HEengineering

    Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2019 released

    Is this what the none class was created for?! We never were able to understand it. If I follow correctly your saying that all symbols created on none will actually accept the attributes of the class they are placed on ONLY when the symbol content is designed on the none class?? This has always been quite the annoyance for us.
  8. HEengineering

    Camera Match Photo import orientation

    I was able to resolve my issue by simply saving a copy and re importing.
  9. HEengineering

    Rendering Concerns, need help with a broken file.

    do you have a file you can share or maybe a bit more info with some screen shots?
  10. Ive never see that "Ground Plan" is there a way to activate and deactivate? I often find myself needed to verify if Im at z=0
  11. HEengineering

    Redering Textures on Structural steel

    For the most part we really like Vectorworks as its so versatile. From CD packages to renderings and photo sims, it can all be done in VW. For us that over shadows some of the other issues, but sometimes you can go down the rabbit hole quick! Most the time Im modeling this for a camera match setup (making it not all that critical beyond textures), which is also a great tool. Camera Match alone has been a huge game changer for us in terms of efficiency and flexibility.
  12. HEengineering

    Redering Textures on Structural steel

    Many thank Wes! I guess it would help If I knew there were 3 different ways to get a beam. Yikes (now that you mention it Im doing a bit of a face palm because I should have recalled this) My findings mirror yours, I guess the problem is I was using the "wide flange 3d". Ill grab the new structural member tool and give that a go.
  13. HEengineering

    Redering Textures on Structural steel

    I find it almost impossible to do this. When I set it by class it often does not apply to the steel. When I try and add the texture to the steel in the render tab that doest seem to work either nor does the eye dropper tool apply a texture. Some textures seem to have the rotation and scale sliders under the OBJ info render tab others don't?? I simply want to render a galvanized texture on all 4 beams so that it looks the same.
  14. HEengineering

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    Soooo. I tried this at home with the same versions of OSX and VW and I do NOT get marquee selection in Nurbs edit mode. So I think its fair to say its certianly a bug somewhere, very odd behavior. I do get the marquee in polyline edit mode tho.
  15. HEengineering

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    It seems to work for me regardless of the vertices type. Can only speculate that it has to do with the fact Im on High Sierra and VW 2017 SP5?? To be honest I recall having this function in 2016 as well. Never been an issue for me. Are you guys both on 19? We are still refraining from upgrading. We had some issues with moves from Sierra to High Sierra. 17 seems pretty stable for us at this point so we never leaped forward. 18 had alot of site model issues which use that feature enough to warrant staying in 17. 19 seems like a headache with Mojave. Talk about upgrade fatigueūü§í Im really suprised this is an issue.


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