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  1. I noticed a home button in the RB in 2018 but not in 2017? Also I seemed to remember somewhere seeing a promotional video that appeared to show a live search? But doesn't seem to be the case in either 2017 or 2018? What I mean is when you search thru the resource browser it finds as you type, not after you finish typing and hit return.
  2. Ahh yes +1. Both these guys posts are inspiring!
  3. I am able to usually select the file. Other issues are with the pallets. Mainly the basic pallet goes blank, and it only comes back after toggling the workspace on and off. Looks like we may be forced into 2017 here. Thanks for the heads up Jim.
  4. Benson, you should be writing the manual on workflows for VW. I always enjoy reading your posts, and you methods. Always so informative. I was able to make this work a few different ways, but the explanation on which would be editable at a later date is critical. This is often the biggest hurdle we have with VW, you cant help but wonder sometimes is what Im doing the right approach? Thanks!
  5. I was able to intersect 2 circles, extrude along path. Then the key is to ungroup and shell the object. Seems this might be a viable option. Not sure if this is the ideal work flow still... but it works for now.
  6. I want to extrude along a path that moves in x,y,z axis. However I want this to be a hollow pipe with a thickness to be determined. I can extrude a solid circle along the path but not one with a hollow center and wall thickness. I have seen some bring in the 3d pipe and use the deform tool? Is this the best approach? or is there some method to achieve this? The problem I have with the deform tool is the path Im trying to follow. It would be much easier if I could simply intersect 2 solid circles creating an inner and out diameter and then extrude along path. However this doesnt seem to work.
  7. Ahh ya know I had a hunch that might have been the case. New I was missing something.
  8. Using the new 2017 resource browser i can drag and drop symbols in and out of other folders into other files. However I cannot do the same with a texture? I can more it to a main Folder but it will now allow me to put it into a sub folder? What am I missing? Moving_textures.mov
  9. Thanks Jim! I will do so and report back if I have any further issues.
  10. I updated to the most recent OS and when I go to add favorites thru the resource browser I have an issue with the finder window acting up. Its like the window has a grey box over a majority of the area making id difficult to select files? Anyone ever seen this? I can post pictures later as I dont have access at the moment. Also worth noting I have restarted the machine and VW several times. Also seems to playing some tricks on my workspace all the sudden. The basic pallet goes black and I must reslect that workspace. Maybe I need to reset preferences? I recall a procedure to do this. Where can this be found?
  11. I have used EPS to export to AI, and to import into VW. It can be done. Can they not include a EPS file with the AI file as well?
  12. Are you on Mac or PC? If your on mac try setting up a custom size in the page setup under printer setup and go into custom sizes. Here you can set up a page with the margin you desire. Note: based on the vectorworks guidence you should always be using "one printer page" and have horizontal and vertical set 1 to 1. Its not very intuitive, but keep at it you will find what you need. Make sure to set your height and width as well for the desired paper size, also your scale on the page setup dialogue will need to be determined as well.
  13. I have done what you suggested in terms or setting up for both print and PDF. It has not caused any issues to date. I was more so curious to make sure I wasn't missing some place where you could adjust this.
  14. Art you seem to be the specialist on all things PDF! This coupled with how it prints makes it pretty questionable as to how well it reads for a client. It surprisingly hasn't caused me any issues yet. The quality is superior to print and scan. Simply wish it was a little more predictable across printing or using the digital version of the file. Do you find this causes issues for clients being able to interpret?
  15. We have decided to start publishing to PDF. The quality is great it saves time and paper. One major gripe I have tho is line weights really don't show tru based on zoom level. What I mean is unless you zoom in, at appears the PDF digital copy is doing some processing. Our drawings rely heavily on line weight appearance. Why must I zoom into the drawing 3-4 times to see the difference in line weights? I have attached one without zoom activated and one with. Just wondered if this has to do with to hi a DPI or some setting maybe Im missing?