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  1. I would certainly give camera match a go. it takes a little bit to get the hang of it, but Id be happy to assist if needed. You'll need an image that you place the model into.
  2. I was able to go into the 2018 library and pull the file and use it in 17! Thanks Rob!
  3. bummer. We are using 17 and wont be switching mid project. I found the color JPG pallet on their website along with some dwg, but it doesnt want to let me impor that file type. Wonder what file type its looking for?
  4. I see the Sherwin Williams color options; however it stops at sw7750. Im looking for SW9093. Can I find the remainder of these colors somewhere? Can they be downloaded?? I will say when it comes to color matching the color picker will work but often gives a color that isnt quite right. Not to mention another layer of complexity is added when you do a final quality render. If anyone knows where I can find these remaining SW colors please share. Thanks!
  5. Hmm after a few restarts seems to be working but intermittently. Some times they show up but seems they need a little coaxing?
  6. Tried this with 3 different terrain models and none seem to work.
  7. Every time I attempt to turn on flow arrows in the site model settings the program freezes? Anyone else experiencing this? Or they simply don't show up.
  8. Have you considered making an Auto hybrid symbol?
  9. Hmm jumping in here as well as I was recently exploring this feature. Ive found that the objects in design layer needed to be filled by class in order to allow a class viewport override. If they wernt the override would not take place. I have definitely seen it work with a 3d object regarding textures. Not sure about hatching tho. I was under the impression hatching is only viewable in Top plan. Ill try and do some testing.
  10. are you just screen capturing the 2 second images or does your screen recorder offer a frame image output of sorts? Im currently on a mac thats why I ask. I follow the process just looking for the best workflow to get there.
  11. @digitalcarboncan you give us a little more info on just exactly how you got the files from the Google Earth 3d Flyover? How were the files generated? What was the file type and then how were the used? I could see this workflow being helpful for us.
  12. We are searching for a GIS software that would provide Right of way display and measurement tools. Im not even sure if there is a program out there that offers all the ROW's nationwide or at least state wide? Seems this may be a real challenge to collect all this data, but maybe someone out there has seen something similar to what Im describing? Right now we simply use the county GIS sites, but in a lot of cases its simply lacking the information. Any help or suggestions appreciated! We were hoping for a software package that we could source all our ROW info from rather than jumping to each County GIS site.
  13. Also another question I have is under the services for the ArcGIS Portal I see the option to add your own web service? Could a person use say a County GIS website and plug that in? Or maybe the easier way to ask this questions is if we have a county GIS site that shows ROW and property lines it would be great to get that integration in? Im fairly new to what ARCGIS living atlas subscriptions offer or like I said maybe we can simply point to a county GIS portal?
  14. @SMannVW Ok now that video was very helpful. The one part of the workflow that seems to be giving me fits is trying to use an already created terrain model and have that GIS geo image showing over the terrain model. I have checked the box in the site model to do this, but it doesnt always seem to work. Sometimes the terrain model will apply the geo texture other times it doesn't? File attached if you would like to have a look. Document is geo referenced and the design layer is also geo referenced but its very possible Im missing something silly here. Site Model test.vwx


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