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IMAGE function in worksheets



When creating a worksheet with database headers and utilize the image function to create a symbol representation of an item, the image return is a very poor rasterized version of the symbol/item. When using this feature for a legend/schedule purposes, this can often be very confusing and color/clarity of the symbol can be illegible.

Furthermore, if symbols are being shown here, they will respond to the active class visibility settings and not a viewports custom settings for visibilities.

As a landscape architecture firm, we use this feature most often with plant schedules. We have had to circumnavigate it to avoid the clunky, illegible graphics generated by the worksheet.

Can this be a more polished, more controllable feature within worksheets to better streamline workflows?

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Another idea for implementation of a new "IMAGE" function could be a function that establishes a lock point or loci in the associated cell of the worksheet. Once the worksheet is placed, you could then use this lock point or loci to manually place a shape/symbol. If the order of the worksheet then changes, so would the lock point/loci, and the shape/symbol would follow.

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We are really having problems with the IMAGE function in worksheets and its ability to return accurate representations of the plant symbols.

The function rasterizes the symbol, often pixelating it so much that it isn't recognizable for reference purposes. Isn't that the whole point.

We need an entirely reworked IMAGE function engine or another way of linking symbols to database headers and rows. Something that is way more accurate, but still allows for the RECALCULATE function to pick up any changes.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It is going to be reworked. The original version had full user control over the size and resolution of the images but it was so slow that it was unusable. It was determined that a lot of the backend changes like VGM and some multithreading are needed before that control is unlocked for users again, but that is the plan.

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There is also an issue when you make a change to a summarized column - every image is redrawn whether or not is is visible in the worksheet. For large worksheets with more complex image this unnecessary 'hidden redraw' can really slow down the work.

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