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Autohide Empty Classes and Layers



It would be nice if we could enhance the Organization Palette so that it Automatically hides empty classes and/or layers.

As it is now, to have a functional workflow we are forced to create a large number of classes and layers/levels to fullfill all the different situations however we don't always need all the classes and layers in each project, so it would be very helpful if we had a setting that automatically hides empty classes and levels.

Perhaps a little radar button att the top of the Navigation palette?!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

To clarify, you do not mean just have the classes switch to Invisible, but to actually hide their display in the Navigation palette?

Would you think a toggle would be best placed for this hiding function in the Resources menu next to the Show As Thumbnails etc options? I would think this hiding would only occur in the Nav and perhaps OIP, not Organization, or should it be the same all around?

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In my other CAD there is a setting to show "used" Layers only which is great.

But that does not mean that unused Layer will be just invisible and unreachable

but that unused Layers are displayed grayed and moved to the End of the List.

So you can activate or edit them at any time but still can easier scroll between

the Layers in standard use.

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