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open folder location function

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
Please allow via right click to "open folder location" so that the user can get to where the various parts and pieces of libraries, plug ins, templates, standards, etc...are, without having to root around in appdata/roaming/ whatever.

Isn't that built into the OS? On Macs, if you right click on the title bar of the document it displays the folder path and you can click into any folder along the path.

Or do you mean something else?

I am assuming the original request means adding this option into the Resource Browser, specifically?

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In the flyout in the upper righthand corner of the RB there's an option called "Reveal Current Favorite" which will open the current library file location in Windows Explorer/Finder, but this only works when you're in one of your Favorites, not in any of the default Vectorworks Libraries (though strangely the option isn't grayed out in those instances).

Perhaps the functionality should be expanded to open explorer/finder to whatever file you happen to have open in the RB, and relabel the menu item accordingly.

Of course this only helps for things in the RB.

Regarding User Preferences in general, under VW Preferences

So under My Documents I have a folder called "VW2015 User Folder" in which I keep templates, libraries, settings, color palettes, workspaces, etc., and have pointed VW to this more convenient location.

I agree VW should make it easier.

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