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So what's up with the hardcoded classing for lighting devices and hoists? It's frustrating having to reclass everything after its placed to match our standards, whereas before it was as simple as select active class, drop fixture/hoist/etc.

Spotlight team has this on their radar, lots of chatter back and forth on the beta list as well hashing out the best way to implement this. The way it is now is too restrictive and disruptive to existing workflows.

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Hi Jim,

While you are on the topic of classing, on the Vectorworks Architect side I have also found there are at least two other objects with auto-classing bugs, both overriding our class standard. I think these are being overridden from the VwArch standard, shuttling our classes into the VwArch standard, even though our standard is active. These are;

  • Stair Tool - Places handrail and guardrails into Fixtures-Main class, and Stair Data in Vert Trans-Spec class. I was able to get around this by turning auto-classing off in File > Document Settings > Standard Naming…
  • Terrain Model - In graphic properties, when I try to change classes, classes are overridden and placed in what appear to be VwArch standard classes (e.g. 3D Fill - Landscape-Areas). I was only able to get around this by deleting the ClassNameStds worksheet (containing our standard) in Resources. Turning auto-classing off did not fix this.



PS Is it just me, or are terrain model objects taking longer than usual to update?

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Can you help me or point me in the right direction for learning?

First time trying to use a Filemaker (or any) database with VW 2016

I have FM Pro Advanced 14

I have Enabled ODBC for the file I want to use locally and I have that file open.

I was hoping I could just go into Manage Databases in VW and it would show up.

It did not.

I'm sure you are not surprised at that but I would like to get it to work for this project.

I looked around and searched for some solutions but found nothing that helped

Any help would be appreciated.

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