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A Marionette Tutorial

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Attached is a file that can be used as an exercise to practice Marionette. Going though the saved views, you can follow step by step instructions to build geometry. There are also files with the solutions to the exercises.





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Thanks for this, very informative and I learnt a lot.

I fully recommend anyone to do this exercise, and don't forget it has the solutions that assist. (not like me who didn't look at these till I realized just before putting a question into the forum for help).

One of the biggest lightbulb moment was gaining a better understanding as to how a network operates. This is apparent when you look at the curve from corners. My understanding is the program loops through the network to do each one, one at a time, it doesn't come to this point and does all at once.

I also added a bit to the end of your network.

You can create some nice objects with this network principle.

Anyway thanks

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Thanks, Marissa!

Went smoothly, apart from a bunch of errors I encountered for wrong naming of nodes inside a wrapper. I named them before and then they worked quite well, but after wrapping they went on strike. Might be worth looking into this more, imho it would be better to get an error from the start than only after wrapping.

It also was interesting to see in Sarah's solution for the last exercise she paralleled the connections to a rotate Node and to a move node, and in the end there was only one object both moved and rotated. makes sense if the connections are handles and not objects, but its always interesting to see. (I had them in a row)

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