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  1. You're absolutely right! I only looked in the ressource manager, because that's the only place I wanted cleaned. Can you add this function directly there? Maybe right-click > purge?
  2. Hi, I'd really like to have a function in the ressource manager to remove all items from the active file that are not currently in use. Like, I load a bunch of symbols (e.g. tables) to see how they look in my scene, then I choose one. All the other tables still float around in my ressource manager window of my active file. So now I'd like to have a button (or a menu entry, or...) to remove those from the active document.
  3. Love it! Until now, I was just to lazy to do this.. It's really a great help that you share this.
  4. !!! I definitely see your point. I get the error every time, except when I run it by the node connected to list2!
  5. Done Stuhl_Rohr.vwx The error doesn't occur every time I run the script, but most of the times. :-(
  6. Hi! I tried to make qa NURBS surface in Marionette that - at first - is a rectangle. So first I used two range-nodes to calculate the x-and y-values of the control points. The z-values of the points are later changed for the single points. Then I used the Mix2 node with the cross reference setting to permutate the values. But the Mix2-node gives me the error "TypeError("'NoneType' object is not iterable")". I don't know if this is a problem using numbers as list entries or because my starting y value is 0. I attached the error message..
  7. Sounds really nice.. I started using Marionette in November and everytime I change an existing node I think "This is something someone must have encountered before" Question by my boss: Will there be localized versions/different languages?
  8. This is possible, but it is a bit tricky using Marionette. And I wouldn't use the If Node, I found it to be rarely helpful. In this case I would use Get Item - I made a short example with a radio button :-) Change color.vwx
  9. Well, I had to dynamically resize a kitchen counter with 400+ singel parts, so this seemed the best way to do it :-) Working on NURBS wasn't hard, as they had get/set point methods available. For the solid part I had a hard time getting anything to work with like edges or corners. So I used the bounding box to get the geometry. With those corner points I built a poly and extruded it - I could have used a rectangle, too, but poly had this easy Add3DPoint-method.... The last thing is to add the two solids - the old object and the newly created. The big problem I see with reshaping solids is getting handles. I'd have liked to just pull the right surface, but there was no way to get there. As for changing the z-value, the workflow at te moment just isn't fit to do this as you define the reshape zones in "2D Plan".. I might look into changing 3D Polys this week as its a bit quiet here this week, but apart from this I'm not looking to much into modifying this further, I'm afraid..
  10. What about the MouseDown command? It won't give you a preview of your symbol, but you could let the user decide where to insert the symbol that way..
  11. I've been working on a version of this that works with 3D objects. Now I want to share my result with you. The Node works with Nurbs and general solids. But, there are further restrictions. For Nurbs, it works in +x and +y direction, but only if you have a shape that is linear in this direction - so you will want wo use it only for the x or the y direction. The part for solids only works in +x direction, though it should be fairly easy to change that to y+. But it also only works with perfectly rectangular solids - something like a brick - as I finally had to use the GetBBox method to get the dimension and position of the objects. Atm the 2D-functionality of DomCs nodes is disabled, but as I only commented it out, feel free to use it. I think I changed nothing to not work properly. And also a BIG thanks to DomC! I wouldn't be able to pull this off if he hadn't done all of the initial work. Reshape Node v2017.vwx
  12. Hi! I have a symbol containing several general solids that I want to resize. I know I can't resize the solids, but I want to use addSolid with a new object. But I don't know where the corner points of the solids are. I already have the right handles for the objects, as GetType works, but I can't get any points - I tried GetObjectVariablePoint. Is there another way to get the points of these objects?
  13. Thanks, Dom! Looks nice and a lot better than my code, though mine wasn't supposed to - it was just a first test. :-) So, it definitely works, but now my code also works just fine. It didn't on friday... Sometimes I sooo love programming...................
  14. Hi! I'm trying to build an easy house in my script, but I can't get the joinWalls-command to work. Here's my code: vs.Wall(0,0,0,10) w1=vs.LNewObj() ww=vs.WallWidth(w1) vs.HMove(w1,ww/2,0) vs.Wall(0,10,10,10) w2=vs.LNewObj() vs.HMove(w2,0,-ww/2) vs.JoinWalls(w1,w2,(ww/2,10-ww/2),(ww/2,10-ww/2),2,0,1) First I had to move the walls so the edges fit. Now I can join the walls using Alt+W, but I just can't get the function to do it....Any help? Ok.. now it works.. Just used vs.JoinWalls(w1,w2,(ww/2,3),(3,10-ww/2),2,0,1) Thought I tried that one before.... Now my problem is that I can't join the last wall to the first...
  15. Oachl Kini

    Join Walls

    Hi Alan! Thanks for looking and you enthusiasm. I think Marissa already sent me4 the node you're looking for. I already had a look at your channel and especially at this video. It is one of the reasons I think creating a house automatically is something that I should look into. Having your example file and seeing the way you engaged the problem is a huge help, thank you!
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