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Vectorworks 2014 UNDO

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I have installed Vectorworks 2014 on my PC running Windows 8 and am running into an issue with the undo command that I have never experienced before. Everytime I hit undo, it says their is no undo history regardless of how many things I have just done. I have my number of undos set at 30. Is their another setting I need to click? I don't ever remember one before. And as good as I may or may not be at drafting, not being able to undo even the most recent command is a bit daunting. Any thoughts?


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I also experiment problems with undo command (VW mac arch 2014 SP2).

At certains points of my works, undo command erase the object I'm working on and the redo command is unable to get it back.

I'm currently testing some functions in blank new files, so it happens on new files created in 2014 version and with a very littles number of objects.

Any ideas?


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I posted this problem a while ago when I did the update to v14 it seemed for a while to be ok but it's started to happen again so reverted to using v13 as this is such an important feature..... When I close the program and restart it's ok for a while but then fails with the same error message what James gets on his screen

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There seems to be a problem with this undo command but can we please have a solution, although I have v14 I don't use it I need this undo command to work every time i am paying my cash for a program that fails to deliver what it says on the tin and until I feel confident that the undo command will work I refuse to use V14 come on vectorworks sort it out or as least respond and give me some kind of reassurance you are looking to sort this.....

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Thanks for the advice Jim but I have to say you have a. Floor in your software so with respect I should not have to contact my tech support for such a problem i pay for a program that I expect to work I have used vw for 16 years and I know my way around ......... All I want is for the undo command to work as I see it a simple operation of the software. I won't bother you any more I will be cancelling my service select contract forthwith and will look for a software program that delivers. VW 14 thanks but no thanks

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