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  1. Hi All, I am wondering if there is a way, in the find and modify command in Vectorworks, to select a range of channels. For example, I want to select all light fixtures in Channels 1 thru 8. Typing 1-8 in the enter text field does not work. Any thoughts? I am sure I am missing something obvious, I hope. Jim Vectorworks 2015/Windows
  2. Hi Josh, Um. I think you blew my mind. That is a little crazy but it worked. And I must say, nothing I would have ever thought of myself. That seems like a bit of a bug that needs to be fixed. Do you know how long Vectorworks has been doing that? Just curious. Jim
  3. Hi All, I am running Vectorworks 2015 SP3 on a Windows machine and have encountered a little difficulty. I am drafting a light plot and it had begun to exhibit some very strange behavior. The lighting devices seem to have (for the most part) started disappearing from the viewports on the sheet layers they are in. If I double click into that viewport and go to the design layer they are all still there as I would expect. And when I am looking at the viewport in my sheet layer, when I use my mouse to zoom, they appear for a moment, only to disappear when I stop scrolling. And there are times when some appear, and then if I zoom in, they disappear. None of my symbols are 3-D and they are all very basic, under 20 2-D lines or so per symbol. Also, when I print, the lighting devices don't appear. Any thoughts? Jim
  4. I have installed Vectorworks 2014 on my PC running Windows 8 and am running into an issue with the undo command that I have never experienced before. Everytime I hit undo, it says their is no undo history regardless of how many things I have just done. I have my number of undos set at 30. Is their another setting I need to click? I don't ever remember one before. And as good as I may or may not be at drafting, not being able to undo even the most recent command is a bit daunting. Any thoughts? Jim
  5. Worked perfectly, thanks so much. I just got panicked moving from one version to the next that something might have changed. Thanks again. Jim
  6. I've just started working on a copy of VW 2012 in which I believe the previous user clicked "Always Do This" in a couple of dialog boxes, specifically the one where you assign a class to a group and VW asks if you want to apply that change to the sub-objects or just the group object itself. I have tried resetting the preferences but that did not restore the dialog box. Any idea what I might need to do to get it back? Thanks in advance. Jim
  7. Did you ever find a solution to this? It's happening to me too. Jim
  8. Is it me or can you still not convert a symbol to an instrument while you are in a group. This bug has been in there since V11. I just installed Spotlight 2008 only to rudely discover that it's still there. I know there are plenty of workarounds for it but am wondering why this has never been fixed. It seems strange to me... (And the reason I am in a group is so I don't need to look at (or mistakenly edit) everything else while I edit a position. Now insert instrument works while editing groups, I just need the convert button to work when I am stupid enough to make the mistake of inserting symbols instead of instruments) Thanks for helping me confirm that this is still true. Jim
  9. 87 Different Field Names in the Record Format.
  10. I have a symbol with some text linked to a record format...In the record format edit pane it clearly states that there is a default value for that particular field name. However, when I link text to that field, it disappears instead of giving me the default value. And when I insert the symbol and go into the object info pane to edit the text, in that field name, there is no default. Is there a limit to the number of field names with default values you can have in a record format? I have 87 fields in this particular record format. I'm using VW 12.5.1 on an Intel Mac Mini. OS 10.4.8 Thanks. Jim
  11. I'm beginning to use transparent layers on my drawings at the office I work in...Obviously it is a Mac office but at home I use a PC. Anybody know what's the timeframe for bringing layer transparency to windows? Thanks. Jim
  12. I just noticed the same problem as I began working in 12.0.1 on my PC...I'm guessing it is some sort of upgrade problem for the label legends. I'm using Spotlight symbols I've created myself and have used a thousand times in 11.5. Jim
  13. It does...So I'm not sure if the PC created the templates folder automatically or if I did that on my own too...
  14. It seems as if the program did not install the templates folder...Will it work if I create one?
  15. There are no options, it immediately opens a drawing using the default stationary I assume. Jim
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