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  1. That is exactly what I am doing right now... Thank you,
  2. Thank you CipesDesign, I was trying to connect the dots using the 3D Polygon however this option is a pain, to get to the right area, we really have to circle through all the vertexes to get to the one needed so we can setup the specific height in the QIP. As far as the brick texture, it is not possible to setup a Sphere or Cylinder mapping in the QIP because it is a texturebed!
  3. I have a site-modifier for the sidewalk and a hardscape object as a texture-bed, how can I deal with the texture-bed to be able slope to have an access to the pedestrian also the brick texture is missedup I've tried a 3d Polygon and Nurbs, on curved area it creates a lot of vertex even if I simplify them, they also slow down the system. I know on the street curb object I can remove some of the curbs but that is not the only thing I am looking to do. See attached render. Thanks
  4. Thank you for your help J. Wallace, Please review these images to see what I mean, the slope I am after is not a smooth one.
  5. I am not sure if my qestion is clear, what I am after, right now under 3D Type I do have Texture Bed Modifier but using this option doesn't allow a thickness of the object, I do have a 3D polygon as a site modifier underneath the hardscape but even without the 3d site modifier Polygon the hardscape as Texture Bed Modifier works because of the topography of the DTM, simply I am just looking for the thickness on a sloped walkway not as a texture bed. Thanks
  6. I know about this option but once you have the slab option on the hardscape it will sit flat on the surface regardless of the sloped site modifier under it though.
  7. thank you Patrick I will check the Novedge's channel, I've already tried the Service Select nothing is dealing with what I want. I know it can be done with the hardscapes as a texture bed but I am looking to have thickness and more control.
  8. Can someone direct me to a tutorial that shows sloped hardscapes with thickness and street on a DTM, not as texture bed? Thank you,
  9. I am having the same issue with the undo, I almost broke my computer.
  10. In Cinema 4D, when creating an object it will show in the object manager in a hierarchal order with all other objects, where you can control drag to duplicate it or double click it to rename it. You can solo an object or turn on or off a group of objects to work on the details, you can also do a wildcard search for an object. you can omit an object from rending. There are so many good things that VW can use from C4D, Another useful option is you can have the option to see all views of an object in the design view, like top, front, side and iso view; you can customize it how you like. Regards
  11. VW should deal with the Object Manager and the Classes like Maxon' Cinema 4D does.
  12. I've had that happened before, it was due o lack of computer memory even though I had 8G of ram. Just rename the temp file that VW creates and try to open it. How big is you file? Have you tried rebooting and opening the file? then try to save it again?
  13. It looks like this option is only available on MACs, I dont see that on the PC. Tech guys please add this option on the pc.
  14. I am looking to do whatever you said in the last line of your message, I do know of the other options. This option is avaliable in C4D, it is a nice option.
  15. Can we create a camera from the design view and vice versa rather than making a viewport or dragging a renderworks Camera? If not maybe it should be on the wish list
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