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Selection Marquee Keyboard Shortcuts

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How do you know this stuff! I did a few VW help searches without any luck, and I tried the VW help "what's this on the mode button, nothing there either. Then I remembered the settings are hidden in the workspace editor. After I found them there, I then did a VW Help search for "mode shortcuts" and that brought up the info. I've said this before... I look forward to the day that "VW's Help" is helpful. I do appreciate your help.

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I originally stumbled across these particular snap keys when reading about the "Tool Bar" description, found under "The Fundamentals Workspace" section in the help guide.

Fwiw, I notice some of our 5+year VW users don't even know that these exist, and what they are good for. If I were to sneak up and switch their selection too mode to lasso-mode, they'd freak out.

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