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Why do i have to update viewports after exporting a batch PDF?

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I've had exactly the opposite experience. For me, 2013 crashes much much less and runs faster than 2012. I think that the export PDF/viewport issue also happens in 2012.

I've often wished that a Vector Script call was available to turn off the viewport update indication. If you change the graphic attributes of a section line, the viewport that section line generates indicates that it needs to be updated. If you change the price of something in a worksheet, then all viewports with the symbol whose data changed show that they need to be updated.


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If you hit undo after moving a group of sheet layer viewports around on a sheet they need to be updated?!? I agree with all of MichaelK's observations, they often need updating for no reason at all.

I have seen weirdness after a batch PDF export in 2013. Once it piled all of the viewports from all of the sheet layers visually on top of each other in their wireframe form. When I refreshed the view, all of them disappeared again except the ones on the current sheet layer. There is something not right about the update viewport command in 2013, but I haven't seen anything repeatable to Bugsubmit.

I actually wish there was an Update Viewports on Current Sheet command.


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I've seen this, too. But it doesn't happen on every file. Maybe it's related to the size of the file?

If you have a file that always does it, please submit a bug.


This seems to happen with all my files, i'll submit one as a bug when i get time.

I also find that i need to sometimes update viewports after i go into an annotation layer as well, again i don't see why this action should require updating viewports either.

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