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Hoarding is good!

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Received a message from a long standing hospital client, did I still have the files for Endoscopy joinery fittings installed in 1995? They were extending that particular department and wished to continue the appearance and detailing (after 27 years!).

Some hurried searching found the files - in MiniCad 5 format! VW2012 would not even consider opening them and it would take weeks of work to recreate the details.

Then I remembered an old Apple iBook mainly used for the internet but it still had a copy of MiniCad 7.1 installed. This was able to read the old files and save them so that VW2012 would open them. Result a small job and large kudos.

Moral - Never throw anything away.

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27 years! Does that come with a pension? Congrats on saving and finding.

The accepted practice is that mcd & vwx files remain in their original versions. But these annual updates mean that many versions of the application must remain on the cpu. if one wants to work with any file at any time. Seems there should be a more reliable solution. Cloud or online file conversion hosted at NemV? An all version converter, maybe within Viewer? Other?


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It's ironic isn't it, the computer revolution promised to do away with paper and cluttered archives, yet now we need a room for superseded computers and their disks to access stuff we could have kept as a set of paper documents.

This is also assuming you can remember how to run the old gear and it hasn't quietly and irretrievably expired in the meantime!

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