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  1. It is running Mac OS10.4.11. I believe that this is the last version to work with PowerPC processors, enabling OS9 software to be used. This is one reason I have not upgraded.
  2. Received a message from a long standing hospital client, did I still have the files for Endoscopy joinery fittings installed in 1995? They were extending that particular department and wished to continue the appearance and detailing (after 27 years!). Some hurried searching found the files - in MiniCad 5 format! VW2012 would not even consider opening them and it would take weeks of work to recreate the details. Then I remembered an old Apple iBook mainly used for the internet but it still had a copy of MiniCad 7.1 installed. This was able to read the old files and save them so that VW2012 would open them. Result a small job and large kudos. Moral - Never throw anything away.
  3. Thanks. That works for a single sash but if you have multiple sashes the transom is a single unit for the full width of the window and cannot be subdivided. Or am I missing something?
  4. Is it possible to vary the glazing bar (muntin) pattern between sashes in the same window? I have been trying to achieve the left appearance in the attached but all I can get is the right.
  5. Have you considered the VW2011 Viewer? "The Viewer is a FREE value-added benefit for Vectorworks 2011 and Vectorworks Industry Series users. The Viewer enables others who do not own Vectorworks software to view and print projects created in Vectorworks 2011, similar to the way in which Adobe Acrobat allows for the sharing of files. The Viewer also allows for on-line collaboration between designers and clients during the creative process. Please note that the version 2011 Viewer allows users to view files created in Vectorworks versions 9 through 2010 as well."
  6. Agreed. Running multiple projects on a single machine means that rendering time on one often disrupts workflow on others. As a matter of interest, does anyone know how NNA (or is it NVW?) get their information on which to base their development strategy? Have any forum members been approached for their feedback or are "marketing consultants" used? Just curious.
  7. Here is my fairly crude method. Create floor, say 10mm thick, edit and cut out squares/rectangles to leave the grid. Create extrude to form panel and raise it 10mm. I turn this into an embedded 3D symbol and duplicate as many times as necessary. For the inset lights I make another 3D symbol from the ceiling panel, form the cutout and insert a suitable lamp symbol from the VW Library. The beauty of this is that by editing the single lamp you can make large scale adjustments to the lighting appearance. I hope this helps. If you can contact me privately I will send you an image (I am not sure how to do this on the Forum)
  8. In my experience the structure is built, and set out , from the engineer's drawings but the architect should check that the information complies with his design (for his own and his insurer's peace of mind!).
  9. Upgrade arrived this morning - very smart box. Inside, another very smart box. Inside, VW2008 DVD! Start to install, where is serial number? Very smart boxes are devoid of any numbers at all. Try previous number but of course does not work. Contact supplier who sends new number, does not work. The last digits do not match my dongle registration! Now waiting for another number, or am I fated never to use Final Gather?
  10. Having recently ordered the VW2008 upgrade, I have just been told by my supplier that they were expected last Friday but did not arrive. Their comment was "we have no VW2008 in the UK at present". They hope to deliver next week. With such a major new product why were stocks not put in place before the launch?
  11. Is there a way of creating bi-part doors with unequal leaves? I have not found anything in the Door PIO setup that will allow this.
  12. This may, or may not be relevant. Fro several months I have had regular VW crashes, with no particular pattern but often when rendering. Then in a Mac OS forum I found an item where trouble was caused by a high drain USB device such as a scanner or fax. My Mac was connected through a hub to a multi-function printer/scanner/fax so over a week ago I disconnected it. I have not crashed since. Referring to video cards, the ATI website points out that Mac OS 10.4x has the latest drivers built-in, so if you keep the OS updated the driver is also covered. Hope this helps
  13. Nemetschek are not all bad. I bought the Renderworks add-on module for VW 11.5 in October 2005, the day before VW12 was announced. I assumed that ,although I might get a free upgrade to RW12, I would have to buy the base package upgrade in order to use it. I had not got around to checking the situation so I was surprised last week to receive not only the RW free upgrade but also VW Fundamentals. This is good customer relations. Would AutoDesk have done the same?
  14. johnb

    Renderworks 12

    I have just had the misfortune to order the Renderworks Mac add-on module for VW 11.5. The next day Renderworks 12 is announced! I am told by my supplier that the module has not yet been shipped from NNA, so two questions - Will I get the new version? Will it work with VW 11.5? johnb
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