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Modifying a Roof

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I've use the 'Create Roof' tool to create a roof and the design dictates that I cut a notch out of the corner. Is there a way to modify this in a way that would be similar to the 'clip surface' command we use for modifying polygons? I'm looking for a shortcut that would save me having to redraw the whole roof just to accommodate a notch in the corner. Thanks in advance.

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It appears one can add and subtract to/from a Roof Face just as in the clip surface command but not so with a Roof. You will have to ungroup your Roof to get a bunch of roof faces which you can then subtract from. Of course then your roof would no longer have the "intelligence" that the program assigns to it.

Or start out with the polygon you want already clipped and Create Roof from that.

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YES... You can clip a roof (relatively) similar to how it's done with Roof Faces WITHOUT losing it's 'intelligence'...

Simply draw the shape of your subtraction, and cut/copy it... then... select the roof in question and...

Modify > Edit Group

You should now see a bunch of locked roof faces. Paste you subtracting shape into the desired area, and exit the 'Group'...



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Actually, now I'm wondering if it is possible to add a segment to an existing roof. I have a house with an existing gabled roof and need to add an addition. If I treat the entire floor plan as a single 'mass' and convert it to a roof, I can't get the roof to look how it really should. I'm wondering if I can create the existing roof, then create the additions roof and then somehow combine them?

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In general I prefer to use either a second Roof or Roof Face(s) for add-on roof portions. This makes it much easier to show/hide the existing or new roof area in various different views. It also makes sense (to me) from a feasability study point of view, and as an analog of the actual structural (bearing, over framing, etc.) conditions.

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