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Mac OS X 10.1.5 Problems...

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It seems that someone possibly hard coded a solid fill for text upon insertion, not respecting the default attribute settings. other than an annoyance it doesn't seem to be an issue, you just have to remember to change the background fill.

Ion Webster

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I found another issue, greying layers makes them invisible! Obviously layer colors or Black and white only causes them to reappear like the text that is "invisible"

To see this, make a document with objects on more than one layer Go to the Layers... menu item or CMD-opt-L or in the Layers pull down and change a layer to greyed. of it is the active layer it is fully visible as it should be but going to a different layer it turns invisible, regardless of Layer options.

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OS X 10.1.5 seems to have broken or changes a number of graphics/attributes functions in VW, among them the eyedropper tool and the gray visibility in classes and layers. The eyedropper tool either fails to change the color of a line, etc., or makes it white and therefore invisible (using a white background). What used to be gray visibility has now become blue or magneta. The gray visibility appears "normal" when viewed in Black/White Only (in Preferences). Please help!!! confused.gif" border="0

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Hi all this is an attempt to document the "anomolies" (thanks Philip) I've found thus far this morning.

1) text inserts and is set to solid fill solid background color so it appears invisible.

2) Setting a layer to grey in layers dialog/setting a class to grey in Class dialong makes the Layers/Classes either fully visible if they are active, or invisible if they are not.

3) Setting layer options to grey others causes some very funky color shifts to greens purples and blacks (very little grey as a matter of fact...) wink.gif" border="0

4) Using the eydropper tool causes the "filled" object to blend with the background colors regardless of the attributes you pick up.

5) Inserting PIOs into walls causes doors to be invisible except the swing, and windows to be invisible except the wall lines.

6) making changes to the color palette will cause items of certain colors to turn white (not undoable)

7) possible resetting of the line weights to mils from mms this was too random to prove without a doubt.

8) Updating a referenced document seems to act similarily to changing the color palette (#6)

That's the extent and the moment, I have a feeling I will be back.

Ion Webster

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I think NNA should put someone on this. I admit I was bamboozled by this like others. Last place I expected problems was VW. If there is something in VW that needs changing, rather than a mistake by Apple, in my opinion this merits correcting with a special maintenance update. For one reason, this problem means that VW is no longer OSX compatible. New macs will come with the latest operating system on them and people will go out and buy VW expecting it to work and it won't. It kind of rises to the level of a messy situation.


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All our CAD machines were updated last night. I just asked our CAD folk if they were having any trouble. One of our drafters pugnatiously refuses to draw on anything but a black background (he still claims it has nothing to do with an affinity for AutoCAD). His white (inversed) text has been fine. Rather than tell me they were having trouble, the others just switched to a black background and are happily working away. After all that time that I spent convincing them that a white background was better. Aarrggh! mad.gif" border="0

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At the moment, we are aware of a text problem on Mac OS X 10.1.5 where the text tool will write invisible text.

We are looking into the problem now. For the time being, I would not recommend installing the OS X 10.1.5 update.

Also, if anyone else has found any other issues with the new update. Please post them in reply to this post.

Thanks,Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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Hi Matthew,

I don't know if yuou remember, but you and I found the hard coding of a soid fill for text in 9.5.1 on the phone a few days ago. This problem is the same issue in a way, yes it comes out invisible, but if you change its attributes, then it behaves normally. So it isn't an irreversible problem, the same as the fill behind text wasn't. Just an annoyance so far.

Ion Webster

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We do have engineers looking into these problems. They have all been buglisted and I have even gone to the head engineer to alert him of the plethera of problems. It's a problem only in OS 10.1.5. It's hard to say at the moment if it is something in our program or if it's something that Apple changed to cause these issues.

If you are using OS 10.1.4, you are fine. You can go back and install your OS from the install CDs and update to 10.1.4.

Please keep in mind, there isn't always a simple fix to problems. Even after a fix is found, they have to test the rest of the application to ensure something else didn't get broken in the process. Then after that, installers have to be created, then a master disk is made and finally CDs are cut to be sent. This isn't a process that happens over night. So even if we find a fix for it within our program, you wouldn't get an install CD or download for sometime after that.

We still remain OS 10 compatible, just OS 10.1.5 has something different in it to cause this problem in our program, and other programs as well. I have noticed text problems in MS Office products as well. This problem is not exclusive to VW 10. To futher research this, are you noticing a problem with other native OS 10 applications ? If so, which ones ?

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Good Morning all,

While there may be unsupported methods of going back to 10.1.4 that don't include a format and reinstall, I highly do not recommend them.

While it is possible to work in classic Mode as Ryanm suggested, we have had issues when printing or making RTLs from this mode. Not every time, but often enough I have made it a rule that no one do this. Your mileage may vary.

One of my users posited a question I realized I did not have an answer to: Does NNA get advance builds of the system updates? If so did none of this show up in testing?


Ion Webster

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Just a couple thoughts (3) on followup.

Going backwards with OSX, it is reported, basically requires a clean hard drive and reinstallation of updates in sequence (although this morning Apple posted one step upgrades to .5). This is really a messy problem becuase of Library's used by other applications. You pretty much have to rebuild your computer from scratch and reinstall all other applications. In my opinion it is an unworkable option except for the most technically gifted and detail oriented types. So for those of us who have upgraded were pretty much stuck here until help arrives.

I noticed one difference in the way VW text appears on screen when typing----it appears to be anti-aliased.

For most VW users, some of the problems may be irritating and others show stoppers. For me the text issue is the most disruptive effect. Perhaps rather than going the route of pressing CD's etc., it would be possible to devise, test, and post online, an updater that just corrected the biggest problems now, leaving the smaller ones until later.



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So, if one of the options suggested was to run VW in Classic Mode until things settle down, has anyone had better luck with 9.01 or 9.5.1? I know that 9.01 seems a lot slower for certain things, but I have seen one instance of strange behavior in 9.5.1 under Classic where striking the "Command" key brings up the zoom-in tool.

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I think that might be the bug/feature issue (Command to zoom)

I know when things are working right, I have found that if you hold down the space bar in 9.5.1 and OS X and then press the cmd key you get the zoom in tool selected temporarily, think of it, the possibility of having three tools active simultaneously! you also can add the option key to this combination to get the zoom out tool.

If this is a bug then Please please make it a feature! I use it all the time! I don't know if what you are speaking of is a tool switch and you then have to switch back or not, but the temporary switch is wonderful.

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Hi everyone,

The problems with object color in our shipping applications when run under MacOS X 10.1.5 are obviously serious and require a remedy. We are exploring our options for getting this problem resolved in a quick and reliable way. It has our full attention.

For now, the best thing to do is avoid updating to 10.1.5. If you have already updated, you can reboot in MacOS 9, run under X in classic mode, or re-install MacOS 10.1 and only update to 10.1.4. We will notify you when we know more.


Paul C. PharrCAD Software ManagerNemetschek North America

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One possible work around if you have an external hard drive. Just install OS 10.1.4 on it and set this as your start-up. I have a firewire connection to my external drive and things work OK.

Has anyone noticed the problem with rendering shaded polygons ? Lovely set of colours !!

Also importing stuff from old drawings seems to change the colours around for fun !

If this is an apple problem they had better get their act together fast or the share price is going to look as flakey as their system.

On the subject of other applications, my fax software faxstf X seems to be having more than the usual problems since I upgraded to OS 10.1.5. cool.gif" border="0cool.gif" border="0

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The information in this discussion has been quite helpful. I especially found the trick of setting VW to run in classic mode in the software info window a lifesaver today as I'm trying to complete and update dwgs 7 renders.

I suggest this info be more prominent on the Nemetschek Web Site because I just inadvertantly came upon this BB today, eventhough I've used this CAD since Minicad V1.

Thanks for the info!

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