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  1. Hi. Yeah I am wondering the same thing. I have a horizontal division in the rest of the windows in the project I am working on but how do you have the same detail on a corner window if the custom is greyed out?
  2. Hi. VW2015. I am having a problem when I am placing text. I choose the text tool and when I want to place it in the centre of, for example, a rectangle when I click at that spot the text tool does not place it at centre but rather slightly off of where I want it. Is this a bug? Thanks
  3. not sure what you are talking about but I want to use my model in sketchup because it is much easier to quickly model the neighboring houses for a shadow study as well as possibly using the google earth feature.
  4. Hi, I was wondering what the best method would be to export a 3d model of a house out of vectorworks to sketchup. We need to do some quick shadow studies for a house and its neighbors and sketchup works well for this. thanks in advance.
  5. Is there a way to divide a transom over a door with a vertical mullion. I have a transom over a sliding door that I would like divided into two lites. Thanks.
  6. thanks guys- it was a close race and watch out for the snakes.
  7. Hi, Is there a way to have the end of a capped wall angled? thanks.
  8. OK, I had a saved view of a house model that I was rendering in final quality renderworks. I downloaded 11.5 and go to the same saved view which renders in final quality mode. I then choose sketch render mode and it turns into a sketched wireframe. how do I get from a sketched wireframe back to a sketched rendered model complete with textures, shadows, color, etc...? Thanks for your help.
  9. I ran disk utility and am still getting the message.
  10. Anybody have a good cedar vertical board and batten texture or cedar vertical channel siding texture they would be willing to give up. thanks in advance...
  11. ... this is the message I get after I have already voluntatily quit vectorworks 11.0.1. has anybody else had this, it is kind of freaking me out.
  12. how do I cut a hole in a DTM for a house foundation- can it be treated as a 3d solid subtraction?
  13. I am drawing a garage where I have a wood frame wall on top of a concrete foundation wall. The bottoms of the overhead door and man door need to be below the bottom of the wood wall. I have inserted these symbols correctly but when I render the building the bottom of the wood wall still shows even though the doors are cutting through it. How do I get rid of that line? - If anybody wants to help I can email them a image to illustrate what I mean. Thanks.
  14. Peter, I have 'lowered' or created a buck in the concrete wall where the door occurs and have inserted the door in the wood wall with the bottom of the door being lower than the bottom of the wall. The problem is the symbol does not completely cut-out the bottom of the wood wall and this shows up in the perspective rendering.I can send you the image if you like. Thanks.
  15. phdarch, I print to file on a regular basis. My print company gave me a driver for their plotter which I can select in my chooser in Mac OS9. The print quality is exact and very good. The only problem is I have to revert from OS10 to 9 every time I need to print but this is due to the plotter not having an OS10 driver yet.
  16. Mike, Thanks for your reply. So you mean the 'sun's' rays run parallel above and below where the sun object is actually shown?
  17. I need to do a shadow study for a residential project showing shadows at different times on different days of the year. I am using the 'set sun position' command but am having a difficult time understanding the 'elevation' result. How does the degree number given correspond to the sun's height (or z dimension) in the drawing assuming my ground plane is at 0'-0"? When I use the command the sun seems to be pointing the right way in plan view but seems to be sitting on the ground in elevation. Can somebody give me some pointers on how this works- the manual does'nt say much. Thanks.
  18. I am having the same problem with both extrudes (only the sides show the color while the top is transparent) and with a loft created from to NURBS curves??
  19. Is there anybody out there using Vectorworks for residential design in either Calgary or Edmonton? I am looking for help in my overflow of work. Thanks... Thom
  20. copy & paste your roof plan onto a new visible layer and move it around without affecting your linked layers
  21. When will we know if OS 10.2 is compatible with vectorworks 9.5.2? I would like to upgrade due to some unrelated printing issues I am having. Thanks
  22. I use the datum (apple'g') alot to align things like doors and windows in walls. I simply drag the hybrid object to the thing I want to align it with, set that as the datum and then reference the datum while inserting the object into the wall. Quick & easy
  23. Thanks for the quick response... My deadline looms.
  24. Katie, can you give us step bt step step instructions on how to get back to 4. Am I going to have to reinstall everything?
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