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  1. Has anyone noticed the different thicknesses of vertical and horizontal lines when printing to an Epson 1290 from VW9.5 on a G4 mac? Does this happen with other printers?
  2. Looks like this problem maybe related to the others that are resulting from OSX 10.1.5. White text and eyedropper for example.
  3. One possible work around if you have an external hard drive. Just install OS 10.1.4 on it and set this as your start-up. I have a firewire connection to my external drive and things work OK. Has anyone noticed the problem with rendering shaded polygons ? Lovely set of colours !! Also importing stuff from old drawings seems to change the colours around for fun ! If this is an apple problem they had better get their act together fast or the share price is going to look as flakey as their system. On the subject of other applications, my fax software faxstf X seems to be having more than the usual problems since I upgraded to OS 10.1.5.
  4. I have recently upgraded to VW version 9.5.1. and I have RenderWorks installed. I am fairly experienced with VW, having been a user for over ten years. I have just noticed that when rendering using "Shaded Polygons", the colours take on totally different hues. Rendering in renderworks or OpenGL gives the correct colours.I have checked the problem using a new document with a few simple cubes, but with the same result. Has anyone else come across this problem?
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