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  1. Agreed, but they're 3D-oriented & left-brained (create stakes, modify DTM, etc.) and not really worth the price of admission... I was hoping someone knew of a more 2D, fluid tool, similar to "Expand Stroke" in Freehand or Illustrator.
  2. Does anyone know if there's a PIO or other thing for drawing roads in plan? We need something like a PIO that has a polyline alignment, and parameters for the width of road and width of right-of-way. The road edge & right-of-way polylines should draw themselves at 1/2 their parametric distance from the polyline alignment. The road edge ones join to each other at the ends to create a fillable polyline. 2 more parameters cover road edge class & right-of-way class. Is this even possible? Can a path PIO have a polyline as its path or does it have to be a polygon? We've tried cavity walls & they're just a disaster on switchbacks. We've also tried Landmark roads & they're just too finicky for the design stage.
  3. If you're in OS X 10.1.5, probably. Check this topic for more info.
  4. It should be noted that you don't need to reboot into OS 9. You can just select the Vectorworks application, hit File > Get Info and tell your machine to boot VW in the Classic environment. The wonders of emulation...
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