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Mac OS X 10.1.5 Problems...

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For those of you with 10.1.5 problems I think you should check out the apple discussion group "http://discussions.info.apple.com "

The 'mac OSX - getting started - installation and setup' has a whole lot of people who are having worse problems frown.gif" border="0

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The black background only resolves a few of the problems such as text. It does not fix the problem with doors and windows.

We do not suggest to run VW in classic mode of OS 10. It can lead to some damaged files. You should restart the computer in OS 9 and work from there. If you are experiencing crashing, you may have to allocate memory to VW in classic or OS 9. You can still allocate memory while runing OS 10 and using applications in classic mode.

We should have a fix for this sometime today or tomorrow since Apple probably isn't going to send out a fix for this problem any time soon.

We will post a message here when this is available.

[ 06-11-2002: Message edited by: Katie ]

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Thanks Katie, NNA's quick attention to this problem is certainly appreciated by this eight hour + daily user. Some notes from the past couple days below:

-I have noted that many of the PIOs/Symbols other than wall inserted, such as some office chairs, do not seem to work. Particularly some of the ones that appear in red line.

-The text problem temporary fix is to apply line color, from the attributes pallet, after every insertion.

-I have noticed a change in shift selecting that if I accidently overlap a mouse drawn selection box over mutiple items, that the overlap items deselect. I don't know if this is related to the 10.1.5 issue.

-Adjusting the height of PIOs/Symbols from the Structural Shapes menu was not possible. I entered the height/length in the Object Info Pallet and the entered measurement would not stay, it would default to 0".

-Using the handle on an object to resize with the mouse was not operating on various shapes that was posible pre 10.1.5.

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Just installed VW 9.5.2, which seems to fix the issues I was having with 9.5.1 under OS 10.1.5. Another issue has surfaced, however, in that the installer updated 9.5.1 to 9.5.2 properly on one partition of my hard drive wherein resides OS 10, but indicated that it was actually doing the install on the other partition, which contains OS 9. Now my file icons all look like OS 9 versions and won't open other than by dragging them to the VW 9.5.2 application icon or its alias, or by opening them within 9.5.2. Trying to fix this with the "Show Info" dialog box doesn't work; the files refuse to be mapped to 9.5.2 and revert to being mapped to 9.0.1 or nothing if 9.0.1 is deleted. This machine is a beige G3 and requires a 8 gb partiion max. to run OS 10.

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