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wall join problem


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this is possible, but you need a silly workaround. Make a ploygon shape for the area where all the walls overlap. make that into a pillar, and then you can join the walls to it.

I have covered this in my short manual on

022 Drawing a Refurbishment Project

from this web site:


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Not sure what you mean by "properly" but I got it to look OK in plan but it may not be what you want in 3D.

First, I aligned the two horizontal walls to their bottom edges. Then I gave the vertical wall an end cap.

Then I T-joined the thick wall to the vertical wall and then L-joined the small horizontal wall to the vertical wall.

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You don't need a column to do this wall join:

* Make the vertical wall come further then the other two.

* T-join the horizontal walls to the vertical wall.

* Cut the vertical wall at the lower end points.

* Set the end cap on of the vertical wall.

This is a very simple one, You'll have trouble when this would be a wall with components, but that can be solved with symbols.

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How can symbols be used to help with complex wall joins?

There is a bug in the wall joins, and because of that bug, The wall components will not always be cut off correctly (they will not be cut off at all). Because of this, You'll have troubles rendering and calculating the values. Therefore, you can make symbols that will cut off the part that need to be cut off. Symbols are great for this because they will move with the walls.

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